Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gooood Morning!

Ahh the day after Memorial Day. Leftovers!! We had a very nice day yesterday.

Two years ago for Christmas I bought Rob a smoker to go along with his collection of outdoor cooking accessories. Well for the last two years said smoker has been sitting in it's box in the shed. Fast forward to last week where Rob sees on a show on how REALLY EASY it is to smoke food. So he decides to try it with some ribs we had in the freezer. After putting it together he reads that we need to go buy chips for it, so off to Wally world we go.

Rob seasons the smoker late Sunday night and the whole house smells gooooood. I can't wait for Monday afternoon.

Yesterday we had our home church over for a potluck. Rob did ribs in the smoker and chickens in the rotiserre, everyone else brought potato salad, broccoli cauliflower salad, chips, salad, baked beans, yummy food. The weather was perfect and the kids did great. By the time everyone left I still felt relaxed. Rob and I kept saying how nice the day was. We realized later that I never took a single picture to document the day. Rob asked me what kind of photographer did I think I was. I said one who took the day off obviously. (picture was from last year)

GREAT NEWS!! Mom passed her accounting class! Now she has one more class this summer and then she will GRADUATE!!! Plans for a huge party this fall, oh yeah we are gonna par- tey!!

Life returns semi-back to normal today. Laundry, dishes, refereeing kids, making lunches, changing diapers, reheating yummy leftovers.
I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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