Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is me pretty much every day lately. With school getting out this week I'm already getting frazzled.

While I'm excited to have Kelly home for the summer I'm trying to come up with things to do so that they aren't killing each other by next Friday.

Wyatt is super excited about going to "Kelly's school" next year.

I have a "to do" list a mile long but don't feel like doing much of anything right this minute.

Chelsea has had a runny nose for over a week and is still trying to walk around with my assistance. I'll leave more details for the 10 month Mr. Bear post.

I think these were taken on Mothers Day. Rob was having fun and the kids were just nuts. I'm not even going to try and explain the photo speaks for itself.

My mothers day flowers. So pretty, there all dead now but i loved them while they lasted.

I have started going through and getting rid of both Wyatt's outgrown clothes and toys and also Chelsea's outgrown clothes.

In a way it's both sad and freeing. I think more it is a relief to be able to free up some space and not feel so cluttered all the time.

This is most certainly my kid or should I say Wyatt's sister. I took this just the other day and I knew I had the one of Wyatt. Might make a cute scrapbook page.
Chelsea is still being a pill right now. I will be so happy when she can start walking.
I need to get photos of her scooting across the floor. She is really starting to hall butt across the floor. Her ankle bone is red from scooting and rubbing across the tile.
Not much else going on around here. I have been playing more with my cuttlebug and it's embossing folders.
I have been making some cards and you will eventually see the gift I'm making for Kelly's teacher that she should receive tomorrow. I hope she likes it.
The heat here(100+) has been driving me crazy because it has come on so early this SPRING but on Sunday those dark clouds started coming up from the south. oohhh, it doesn't matter that it didn't rain but it was so nice not to have the blaring sun. But last night we did get some rain.
It had gotten cloudy so I took Chelsea out to swing. A few mintues later big fat drops started coming down. When it started raining a little harder I pulled Chels out of the swing and we went under the patio and watched it come down.
Already today the day has been cloudy but the heat is stil somewhat high. I'm hoping for more rain, of course.

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Anonymous said...

Well daughter, I'm right there with you having to be going in several different directions at once. Sometimes it seems like I pass myself...whew!
I thought that picture of both Wyatt and Chelsea was cute...so much alike. I look at these kids and wonder where the time goes, each day seems to go by slowly, but then when you look back over the months, you wonder where the heck the time went.
Hope things get better