Friday, July 31, 2009

Feeding the....Pelican??

According to the Tucson parks guy, occasionally they have pelicans show up. A few months ago it was this guy. He obviously doesn't realize that this is the desert. Not a great food source for him.
What's interesting is he tries to act like a duck.
When we started to feed the ducks he came swimming in with the rest of them and even on occasion would chase other ducks away. He never tried to eat the bread we threw but he hung out with all the rest of the duck gang.

I was actually excited that my kids were willing to feed the ducks. Any other time I've tried they, meaning Kelly and Wyatt, have had no interest.

Now Chelsea she was semi- content to sit between my legs and watch, but then I caught her trying to eat a small rock and she didn't like that mommy took it away.
After the rock incident she started finding little bread crumbs that we had dropped and tried to eat those too... oh well, by then the bread was gone and the kids wanted to go play on the playground.

Now I couldn't get a photo of this but flying all around the playground were about a hundred dragonflies, big ones too. Just flying in this one area. I have never seen anything like it before. The kids thought it was pretty cool also and basically played with the dragonflies buzzing around them.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

So I went to my local J's because I had heard a rumor they had some of the new cuttlebug folders. Not at my J's yet. Well anyway I was checking their dollar bin area and saw all new Halloween stamps.
I was smart this time and bought my mom a duplicate set. Last time I didn't and they sold out so fast that she has still not found some of the others.
Most are Halloween, our favorite time of the year, and a couple are fall themed.
I'm thinking of making some cards and "boo"ing some random people.
Since I just received my new issue of Paper Crafts magazine I'll have to see what I can come up with.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Chelsea is walking!!

Chelsea has over the last couple of days taken a couple of steps here and there so tonight Rob and I set up and "made" her walk.
She did several passes back and forth and these are the best shots out of the bunch.

I went wide angle so I could crop later.

here she comes, cruising pretty fast!

I'm coming MOM!

What's funny is she walked better going to daddy then to me.

By here she starts to make these cute excited sounds and is rapidly losing control of here speed.

Full Steam Ahead!

Now the camera missed the extreme close up of her crashing into me but as we went on and we were cheering and laughing I got this last shot.

That super wide happy grin

Walking at 13 months priceless!


Wyatt's Pirate Party recap

Can I get a big AARRRGH! (thanks Wyatt)
We had a great time.
We set up a kiddie pool and a slip and slide and the kids just went from one to another.
God answered my prayers and kept the temp to about 100 degrees. With my get up the change in temp was very much appreciated.
I have all these small details rattling around in this ol brain so if you just want to look at the pictures that fine. All documentation will be for when I finally get around to scrappin these photos.
We had a total of 7 kids and once they loosened up they had fun, especially with the slip and slide. Most had never tried it before.
So the kids played in the water for a while, then it was lunch, followed by presents, cake and ice cream and then the kids hit the pool again. Closer to pick up time we gave them their goodie bags, then the party started all over again. In their goodie bags were head scarves, eye patches, tattoo's, earring, treasure map, pencils, a game, treasure chest with gold coins.

My get up was really fun to do. I have a reall sword and I had a fake gun tucked into my belt. That sword was fun to try and manuver around and not bumped into people with. At one point I had it tucked between my legs so that I could do stuff and help out.
I think I might try to dothe costume again for Halloween, as it wasn't really all that hot unless I started to run around. When I became active Rob would remind me that I wasn't there to help I was more like the party clown, just for decorative purposes only.
Oh and I must say that when one little boy came and took one look at me he hid behind his mom. he he he

Present wise Wyatt received some really cool stuff. His absolute favorite was the Batman outfit from the cousins. saturday night he tried to wear the mask to bed.
Now his Batmab wings fly open to about 5 feet across and then he pull a couple of cords and they ratchet into place. This is probably his best gift ever. We, meaning my mom and myself have come to realize that Wyatt likes to dress up in costume.
Remember my fireman/dollar store fun, well our gift to him was a new firefighter hat that made sounds and we also got him the sheriff get up.
So this whole weekend Kelly and Wyatt have gone from one character to another

One other big thing to happen that day. Chelsea has started to stand with no assistance! She has even taken a couple of steps!!
Yeah we are almost walking!
It has been so cool to see her confidence grow, she no longer white knuckles the furniture as she walks along. Now she just cruises around but if she needs to go across she'll either attempt a step or she plop on her butt and scoot across, pull herself up and take off again.

So I plan for the number of people that we invite. This year I have really been off. For Chelsea's party we ended up with a full box of Costco cupcakes (which we still have 4 left) and now I went with the 1/2 sheet cake and we had about 1/2 left. I was able to give some away but the rest has gone into the freezer. Since this is the last big party of the year. My birthday and Kelly's are just family this year we will stick with the 1/4 sheet cake or smaller.

Me and birthday boy, who for the life of him cannot look into the camera for more than a second I swear.
I know he had a great time and he is growing up way too fast.
School starts in a couple of weeks and I'm just filled with so many different feelings.
But for now,
Happy birthday Buddy, We all love you very much.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

So before I get started about last nights storm I have some sad news to report.

I'm sad to say that Jonah our huge sucker fish died during the night. I know most people wouldn't care that a fish died but Jonah was the highlight of our tank, a conversation starter, and he was a gift. Thank you Paul and Marcia for giving him to us, we are really going to miss him.
(taken from my facebook page a few minutes ago)

One of the things I realized this morning after we found him was that I don't think I have a picture of Jonah.

That bugges me a bit because he was part of our daily life and I missed part of documenting it.

So now we need a new sucker fish, hopefully as hardy as Jonah once was and hopefully will grow to the size or bigger than Jonah.

So last night the kids spent the night with Grandmom. Rob and I were just chillin out playing Farkle when we heard thunder. I went outside to see what direction it was coming from and about fell on my butt when a big streak of lightning and boom of thunderf were right in front of me. Too close for comfort. I asked Rob if we could take off and try some shots. We loaded up quickly and headed a couple of miles down the road. After a few minutes of shooting the bolts were few and far between that I was about to give up. Rob talked me into trying another spot and this bottom picture is what we got soon after. The top shot was taken a bit later looking more east. I still need to play with them but I too get excited and want to share.

I'm thinkin' I'm going to end up with a whole wall of these shots, or maybe not, maybe just a photo album and keep the mega cool ones on display.

We are gearing up for Wyatt's Pirate Party this weekend and the boy is bouncing off the walls. As Wyatt would say," I'm sooo excited" and "this is going to be the greatest pirate party ever".
Unfortunately the weather has changed it's mind and has gone from a predicted 100 to now 104. Yuck! But we will have the kiddie pool and a slip n slide set up so that should help.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I remember when I was younger I would see the commercial for Publishers Clearing House with Ed McMahon. This is back when the big jackpot was 2 million dollars. Nowadays the jackpot is 10 million and they have more frequent winners.
Why am I telling you this?
For the longest time I have felt that one day I would be one of those winners. I used to send in the forms with my stickers affixed in the appropriate spots and wait. Now PCH sends everything primarily through email and I usually get something every other day or so.
Why am I still telling you this?
I still enter...and sometimes I think I'm foolish to do so, but it costs no money and doesn't harm anyone.
Do I still think I can win? Ya know, not really.
Do I dream of winning millions? Who doesn't on occasion?
So where is this post going?? Beats the heck out of me...I'm just avoiding doing any housework this morning ☺.
Plus I haven't posted in a few days and thought you could use a smile...see?☺

Friday, July 17, 2009

If I would have been paying attention to how fantastic the lightning was going to be last night I would have went for higher ground and gotten some awesome shots. But alas I just hung out under my covered porches and did the best I could.
These are some of my favorites from last night.
(None of them have been cropped or photoshopped as of yet.)
I may have found a couple more to put up on my walls.
I'm hoping we have a few more storms this weekend, I know I will be ready to go.
It's women's night out at Lara's and her home is in a great location to take lightning shots. Tomorrow I'll be back to Lara's for bunco so I'll have another opportunity if, if, if we get more monsoon storms.

I love this shot of the stormy sky illuminated by the lightning.
I'm both terrified and fascinated by lightning. Rob keeps telling me to go on the roof, but that is way too dangerous, especially like last night when the storm is all around me.
We live close to the airplane grave yard and I would love to get some shots with the planes in silhouette. My other photo shot want is to be out by the Desert Museum with all the saguaro's in silhouette.
I can see the photo in my head now I just need to chase it, and work for it.
I'm rambling, sorry. I'm just excited.

My best or should I say favorite from last night. (I think this one will be cropped and put up in the house)
I have laundry to do before I head to women's night, we're going to be crafting and I'm bringing the E and my cuttlebug to teach a few women. Thanks to my demo last time and the great promo for HSN, one of my friends bought the E bundle. The cricut arrived a couple of days ago for her and she would like me to show her a few things.
I know I won't necessarily be productive for myself but I know I will inspire others.
Have a great weekend!
Leave a comment if you like


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I've been burning paper!

This was so fun and fast to put together.

I used the Lifes a Beach cart for the skull and put a rhinestone on his eye patch. I printed the text onto parchment looking cardstock. The font is Black castle.

Some of the text came from an invite I saw on 2peas, the rest is my imagination.

To give it that "old" look I took a lighter and burned the edges.

I'll have to take a photo of just the text.
Hang on I'll be back.........

I'm back!
I went and took a quick picture of the text for you. Aren't I sweet?? What? you said I should have done this in the first place? Well...I was in a hurry last night and forgot. At least I did it before I mailed them out today. Some people..grumble..grumble.
Sorry, the twisted part of me sometimes likes to have imaginary conversations with myself. Make sense?

This party is really shaping up to be fun. With a slip and slide, pirate cake. each kid gets some booty to take home. Yeah I think they will have fun.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dollar Store fun

So this morning the kids and I were just hanging around the house. Now it's already hot here and the weather man says we are looking at 109-112 degrees today. It's too hot to be outside and the kids were starting to fight. So I cryptically tell them to get their shoes on and lets go. No other details.
We pull into the Dollar Store/Fry's parking lot and Kelly gets all grouchy. "I don't want to go in there."
Now I should of said, "then fine you won't get anything," but I told her to get out of the car and quit complaining.

Just before we head in I tell them both that they each have $2 to buy whatever they want.
Oh My Gosh! Jackpot! You have never seen kids so excited.
After much debate over items and with no arguing or crying, just very happy kids we settle on lizards and frogs for Kelly and a firefighter hat and accessory set for Wyatt.
Now both kids are happily playing together and sometimes seperately.
Best $4 I've spent in a long time.
I'm so glad they are still the age where little things still make them very happy.
I think we are going to have a great weekend.

PS- Chelsea was along for the ride, but she didn't get anything (no little kids stuff really) and is currently catching some ZZZZ's in her room.


Friday, July 10, 2009

I am in a creative rut. **big heavy sigh**
I want to craft but knowing myself for 30+ years, I know that I want to go deep and scrapbook for a few hours. Unfortunately that is not possible right now. You see I have this miniture terror on my hands who has been having some trouble napping all week. As soon as her beautiful curly head hits the pillow it will literally bounce right back off, her eyes open up wide, and she starts to cry.....sigh.
Yes, I know one day I'll say how growing up happens way too fast, but I'm trying to document it NOW! Thankfully I have this blog. Keeps me sane and helps my besieged brain.

Right now the big kids are playing with the midget so, oh she comes.... she has escaped from the big kids and heading my way....wait, detour to the dog... ok I have a couple of seconds left before she scoots over to me and pulls herself up and "yells" at me.
Times up! shes here and with a "present" in her diaper!


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I actually did it! I took a picture with Mr. Bear and Chelsea every month.
Phew, I'm glad that's done.
Now I just need to scrapbook it all.
There is so much to say about how much my littlest miss has grown in the last month.
I had so many thoughts running in my crazy brain that I finally made a list.
tried goldfish crackers- yeah
green beans- nay
yogurt- okay
cake and ice cream- YEAH!
baked potatoes- okay
doritos- yeah (which she stole from my plate)
*Other stuff*
*sleeping through the night more often than not.
*wants her own computer because she won't leave mine alone.
* wants her own cell phone because she won't leave mine alone.
* wants to control the tv remote, changes channels, turns it off, if she manages to get ahold of it.
* Can now reach the tv to turn it off.
* Loves to play with any type of cans in the recycle bin.
* Usually takes a 2 hour mid-morning nap every day
* Practically anyone can hold her without a fuss
* She adores her big sis and scoots to follow her
* Can be stubborn as a goat when she wants something
One year stats from her doctor visit:
weight 19lb 12oz
length 28 3/4in
compared to my older rug rats she is my smallest baby even though she weighed the most at birth. hhmmmm...interesting
Now I'm sure there is more and I'll probably edit as I remember but this is what I know so far.
love how she will stand on tip toe just trying to reach.
Since I do have other kids I'll tell you a couple of funnies that Wyatt has said lately.
so we are sitting down to dinner and Wyatt asks to say the prayer. This is how it went;
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for our food, thank you for our family, Jesus, God and Pirates. In Jesus name we pray , Amen.
Rob and I had to smother the biggest grins. This boy is so excited about having his pirate birthday party in a couple of weeks he has been driving us crazy for months, literally. I'm so not kidding. He does care so much that he will be 5, he just wants a pirate birthday party.
so during dinner, we are having rotisserie chicken, Wyatt notices that there is a whole in the chicken meat from the skewer. When we tried to explain how it got there Wyatt went in a total different direction say,"Kelly look, daddy shot the chicken and it has a hole in it". Um.. no, daddy didn't shoot the chicken Wyatt. just eat your dinner.
That boy says the darndest things.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

So Friday night we took the kids to DQ for a little treat. I highly recommend the new GS Tagalong blizzard, so yum.

Anyway we headed down the street to Jesse Owens Park to eat our treats and let the kids play on the playground. Rob said we should see if Chelsea would like to go down the slide.
Note** The bruise on her forehead is not from the slide but from bumping into everything in the house

First time down her look was like, what is going on. The next time and the times after her smile just kept getting bigger. Of course so did the static in her hair.

We even got her to go down the slide head first and she just giggled like crazy.

We started getting rained on so we trekked to the van when Rob saw this.<<<<<<<<<<<

I call it Pink sunset rain. Rob said he has never seen the sky as beautiful as it was that night.

We also started to see more lightning.

There's my cue!!

Came home and I set up the tripod to "try" and get more lightning photos.

I was getting frustrated because I was missing them, the bolts of light were just outside the edges of my focal range.

I would love to be able to set up at Lakeside Park but it wasn't meant to be this time. Thankfully monsoon season is just getting started and I'll have more opportunities.
I hope.
The fireworks photos still need some I forgot my long lens and need to do some cropping.
Happy 4th weekend!
and Happy post birthday to my mom.


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's one of those fun moments today.

Kelly has just asked for a white horse, Wyatt has asked for a koala, yes a koala, and Chelsea would like her own computer. Seriously. I just have to smile :)

And since every post should have a picture, here's my girl loving her bath the other night.