Monday, July 27, 2009

Chelsea is walking!!

Chelsea has over the last couple of days taken a couple of steps here and there so tonight Rob and I set up and "made" her walk.
She did several passes back and forth and these are the best shots out of the bunch.

I went wide angle so I could crop later.

here she comes, cruising pretty fast!

I'm coming MOM!

What's funny is she walked better going to daddy then to me.

By here she starts to make these cute excited sounds and is rapidly losing control of here speed.

Full Steam Ahead!

Now the camera missed the extreme close up of her crashing into me but as we went on and we were cheering and laughing I got this last shot.

That super wide happy grin

Walking at 13 months priceless!



Anonymous said...

YAHOOOOO are too fantastic!!!! Now, that is my girl, we have all been saying that she needed to walk....she would get so frustrated trying to keep up with everyone....SHE DID IT, Now there is no stopping her.


Julie G. said...

love that series of pictures...her face at the end is AWESOME!!!

ScrappinMaMa said...

this is priceless! I love it! I did the same thing with all 3 of my kids :)