Friday, July 31, 2009

Feeding the....Pelican??

According to the Tucson parks guy, occasionally they have pelicans show up. A few months ago it was this guy. He obviously doesn't realize that this is the desert. Not a great food source for him.
What's interesting is he tries to act like a duck.
When we started to feed the ducks he came swimming in with the rest of them and even on occasion would chase other ducks away. He never tried to eat the bread we threw but he hung out with all the rest of the duck gang.

I was actually excited that my kids were willing to feed the ducks. Any other time I've tried they, meaning Kelly and Wyatt, have had no interest.

Now Chelsea she was semi- content to sit between my legs and watch, but then I caught her trying to eat a small rock and she didn't like that mommy took it away.
After the rock incident she started finding little bread crumbs that we had dropped and tried to eat those too... oh well, by then the bread was gone and the kids wanted to go play on the playground.

Now I couldn't get a photo of this but flying all around the playground were about a hundred dragonflies, big ones too. Just flying in this one area. I have never seen anything like it before. The kids thought it was pretty cool also and basically played with the dragonflies buzzing around them.


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