Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I actually did it! I took a picture with Mr. Bear and Chelsea every month.
Phew, I'm glad that's done.
Now I just need to scrapbook it all.
There is so much to say about how much my littlest miss has grown in the last month.
I had so many thoughts running in my crazy brain that I finally made a list.
tried goldfish crackers- yeah
green beans- nay
yogurt- okay
cake and ice cream- YEAH!
baked potatoes- okay
doritos- yeah (which she stole from my plate)
*Other stuff*
*sleeping through the night more often than not.
*wants her own computer because she won't leave mine alone.
* wants her own cell phone because she won't leave mine alone.
* wants to control the tv remote, changes channels, turns it off, if she manages to get ahold of it.
* Can now reach the tv to turn it off.
* Loves to play with any type of cans in the recycle bin.
* Usually takes a 2 hour mid-morning nap every day
* Practically anyone can hold her without a fuss
* She adores her big sis and scoots to follow her
* Can be stubborn as a goat when she wants something
One year stats from her doctor visit:
weight 19lb 12oz
length 28 3/4in
compared to my older rug rats she is my smallest baby even though she weighed the most at birth. hhmmmm...interesting
Now I'm sure there is more and I'll probably edit as I remember but this is what I know so far.
love how she will stand on tip toe just trying to reach.
Since I do have other kids I'll tell you a couple of funnies that Wyatt has said lately.
so we are sitting down to dinner and Wyatt asks to say the prayer. This is how it went;
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for our food, thank you for our family, Jesus, God and Pirates. In Jesus name we pray , Amen.
Rob and I had to smother the biggest grins. This boy is so excited about having his pirate birthday party in a couple of weeks he has been driving us crazy for months, literally. I'm so not kidding. He does care so much that he will be 5, he just wants a pirate birthday party.
so during dinner, we are having rotisserie chicken, Wyatt notices that there is a whole in the chicken meat from the skewer. When we tried to explain how it got there Wyatt went in a total different direction say,"Kelly look, daddy shot the chicken and it has a hole in it". Um.. no, daddy didn't shoot the chicken Wyatt. just eat your dinner.
That boy says the darndest things.

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Anonymous said...

I think Art Linkletter said it best..."kids say the darndest things" my little people crack me up. Kelly last week said to me, "Nina, when are we going to see you again?" on one hand it broke my heart that the kids have to ask when they will see me and on the other, I'm glad they want to see me.
Well, just one more week, and a weight that has been riding with me will be gone, and (as I take a sigh) it will be all goooood!!!!!

Now, onto the little one....isn't she precious? Chelsea has a real tenancy to figure that if she wants something it should be hers...sounds about right...wish we could all to do..right Carrie?

Off to work...have a sweet day