Friday, July 10, 2009

I am in a creative rut. **big heavy sigh**
I want to craft but knowing myself for 30+ years, I know that I want to go deep and scrapbook for a few hours. Unfortunately that is not possible right now. You see I have this miniture terror on my hands who has been having some trouble napping all week. As soon as her beautiful curly head hits the pillow it will literally bounce right back off, her eyes open up wide, and she starts to cry.....sigh.
Yes, I know one day I'll say how growing up happens way too fast, but I'm trying to document it NOW! Thankfully I have this blog. Keeps me sane and helps my besieged brain.

Right now the big kids are playing with the midget so, oh she comes.... she has escaped from the big kids and heading my way....wait, detour to the dog... ok I have a couple of seconds left before she scoots over to me and pulls herself up and "yells" at me.
Times up! shes here and with a "present" in her diaper!


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