Thursday, July 23, 2009

So before I get started about last nights storm I have some sad news to report.

I'm sad to say that Jonah our huge sucker fish died during the night. I know most people wouldn't care that a fish died but Jonah was the highlight of our tank, a conversation starter, and he was a gift. Thank you Paul and Marcia for giving him to us, we are really going to miss him.
(taken from my facebook page a few minutes ago)

One of the things I realized this morning after we found him was that I don't think I have a picture of Jonah.

That bugges me a bit because he was part of our daily life and I missed part of documenting it.

So now we need a new sucker fish, hopefully as hardy as Jonah once was and hopefully will grow to the size or bigger than Jonah.

So last night the kids spent the night with Grandmom. Rob and I were just chillin out playing Farkle when we heard thunder. I went outside to see what direction it was coming from and about fell on my butt when a big streak of lightning and boom of thunderf were right in front of me. Too close for comfort. I asked Rob if we could take off and try some shots. We loaded up quickly and headed a couple of miles down the road. After a few minutes of shooting the bolts were few and far between that I was about to give up. Rob talked me into trying another spot and this bottom picture is what we got soon after. The top shot was taken a bit later looking more east. I still need to play with them but I too get excited and want to share.

I'm thinkin' I'm going to end up with a whole wall of these shots, or maybe not, maybe just a photo album and keep the mega cool ones on display.

We are gearing up for Wyatt's Pirate Party this weekend and the boy is bouncing off the walls. As Wyatt would say," I'm sooo excited" and "this is going to be the greatest pirate party ever".
Unfortunately the weather has changed it's mind and has gone from a predicted 100 to now 104. Yuck! But we will have the kiddie pool and a slip n slide set up so that should help.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Kiddo,
I'm so very sorry about Jonah, and your right he always got people to talking because of his size. He will be missed.
For all of you out there, I took the decorations to Carrie and Robs, and ohh my gosh, that little boy just went crazy, he wanted to look in the bags, but even more he wanted me to get my saber way dude. Some of you might know that I'm involved in the ren festivals...and my character, as you can guess is a pirate...Yvonne the terror of Tortuga ( hehehe) so Wyatt just wanted to get into everything, carrie is borrowing my garb to do the pirate thing...too hot for this ole girl..but we'll be sure to have pictures of Carrie.
Going to be fun, am so looking forward to it...the big "5" hard to believe that my little guy is five years old.
The weekend is almost here....arghh
matey, we set sail at the evenings tide......