Sunday, July 05, 2009

So Friday night we took the kids to DQ for a little treat. I highly recommend the new GS Tagalong blizzard, so yum.

Anyway we headed down the street to Jesse Owens Park to eat our treats and let the kids play on the playground. Rob said we should see if Chelsea would like to go down the slide.
Note** The bruise on her forehead is not from the slide but from bumping into everything in the house

First time down her look was like, what is going on. The next time and the times after her smile just kept getting bigger. Of course so did the static in her hair.

We even got her to go down the slide head first and she just giggled like crazy.

We started getting rained on so we trekked to the van when Rob saw this.<<<<<<<<<<<

I call it Pink sunset rain. Rob said he has never seen the sky as beautiful as it was that night.

We also started to see more lightning.

There's my cue!!

Came home and I set up the tripod to "try" and get more lightning photos.

I was getting frustrated because I was missing them, the bolts of light were just outside the edges of my focal range.

I would love to be able to set up at Lakeside Park but it wasn't meant to be this time. Thankfully monsoon season is just getting started and I'll have more opportunities.
I hope.
The fireworks photos still need some I forgot my long lens and need to do some cropping.
Happy 4th weekend!
and Happy post birthday to my mom.


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KreatesKards said...

What wonderful photos.

Isn't our monsoon season something else ... the thunder, the lightning etc. We often sit on the covered patio to watch.