Monday, July 27, 2009

Wyatt's Pirate Party recap

Can I get a big AARRRGH! (thanks Wyatt)
We had a great time.
We set up a kiddie pool and a slip and slide and the kids just went from one to another.
God answered my prayers and kept the temp to about 100 degrees. With my get up the change in temp was very much appreciated.
I have all these small details rattling around in this ol brain so if you just want to look at the pictures that fine. All documentation will be for when I finally get around to scrappin these photos.
We had a total of 7 kids and once they loosened up they had fun, especially with the slip and slide. Most had never tried it before.
So the kids played in the water for a while, then it was lunch, followed by presents, cake and ice cream and then the kids hit the pool again. Closer to pick up time we gave them their goodie bags, then the party started all over again. In their goodie bags were head scarves, eye patches, tattoo's, earring, treasure map, pencils, a game, treasure chest with gold coins.

My get up was really fun to do. I have a reall sword and I had a fake gun tucked into my belt. That sword was fun to try and manuver around and not bumped into people with. At one point I had it tucked between my legs so that I could do stuff and help out.
I think I might try to dothe costume again for Halloween, as it wasn't really all that hot unless I started to run around. When I became active Rob would remind me that I wasn't there to help I was more like the party clown, just for decorative purposes only.
Oh and I must say that when one little boy came and took one look at me he hid behind his mom. he he he

Present wise Wyatt received some really cool stuff. His absolute favorite was the Batman outfit from the cousins. saturday night he tried to wear the mask to bed.
Now his Batmab wings fly open to about 5 feet across and then he pull a couple of cords and they ratchet into place. This is probably his best gift ever. We, meaning my mom and myself have come to realize that Wyatt likes to dress up in costume.
Remember my fireman/dollar store fun, well our gift to him was a new firefighter hat that made sounds and we also got him the sheriff get up.
So this whole weekend Kelly and Wyatt have gone from one character to another

One other big thing to happen that day. Chelsea has started to stand with no assistance! She has even taken a couple of steps!!
Yeah we are almost walking!
It has been so cool to see her confidence grow, she no longer white knuckles the furniture as she walks along. Now she just cruises around but if she needs to go across she'll either attempt a step or she plop on her butt and scoot across, pull herself up and take off again.

So I plan for the number of people that we invite. This year I have really been off. For Chelsea's party we ended up with a full box of Costco cupcakes (which we still have 4 left) and now I went with the 1/2 sheet cake and we had about 1/2 left. I was able to give some away but the rest has gone into the freezer. Since this is the last big party of the year. My birthday and Kelly's are just family this year we will stick with the 1/4 sheet cake or smaller.

Me and birthday boy, who for the life of him cannot look into the camera for more than a second I swear.
I know he had a great time and he is growing up way too fast.
School starts in a couple of weeks and I'm just filled with so many different feelings.
But for now,
Happy birthday Buddy, We all love you very much.


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Anonymous said...

The kids had an absolute blast,you could not keep Wyatt quiet...he was sooo excited.
The pool ans slipn'slide was a great idea.....I think the adults need one!!!!!
Chelsea also enjoyed both, all in all it was a great day.
Wyatt is such a cute little easily pleased, such a sweetheart
love you all
your Nina (aka ma)