Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to school

It's the first day of school!

I think I was more excited than either of the kids.
Once I told Wyatt that today was the first day of Kindergarten he got excited.
Kelly is a old hat at the first day photos but trying to wrangle Wyatt to look at the camera for more than a nano second is like trying to catch a shooting star.
We left for school early so that I could get some more school shots and I'm glad we did. ( I won't bore you with all those photos)
Walking into school I chased behind like the paparazzi hoping for a good shot of the two heading into together, kinda hoping Kelly would hold Wyatts hand. But the fact that they walked into together was good enough for me.
Wyatt was the first student in his class so we had the teachers attention to ask questions and explore.
But seeing that the tv was on, a blast could happen and Wyatt wouldn't have flinched.
I left Daddy with Wy and headed to take Kelly to 2nd grade. Chelsea hung out with Nina under the covered patio.

Kelly is a very shy, reserved kid in a strange setting. So seeing her find her seat, at the front of the class and the chaos that is kids, supplies, parents, my poor kid looked like she was about to cry. By the time I left most of the parents had cleared out and the class had calmed so she was doing great. After a quick hug and smooch, I headed back to Wyatt class.
I think as a parent we are more stressed about our kids starting school than they are. I believe one of those reasons is we think our childs behavior is a reflection of our parenting skills.

In part it is. We want to make a good first impression but the reality is once your out of that room you lose all control. You just have to know you have done your best and your child will be well taken care of.
(I think I wrote that last part more for me than for you.)
I miss my little buddy but I know he is going to have a great day.
Heck he was telling me I had to go home, so he knows he is going to have fun.
I think I'm also more stressed about getting him to do his homework than anything else. Stubborn boy.
So now that the kids have been in school for about two hours Rob and I are in the process of draining the water heater so that it can be replaced and then we start the demo on Kelly's room.
Hopefully by some time next week we can move Kelly into her "new" room. New for her as in flooring, paint, blinds, curtains, comforter set.
Rob has this whole week off and we have a ton to do. Chelsea will be hanging with Grandmom most of the week so we can get this stuff done.
So after school, there is a hour lag between the time Wyatt gets out then Kelly so we will talk and play then it is off to DQ for the first day of school ice cream tradition. More photos of course.
I really need to get cracking on those scrapbooks. I'm getting further behind but thankfully I have this blog to help with my mommy brain.


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