Friday, August 21, 2009

Good Friday!!
I have so much to yap about that I don't know where to start.
The kids had a geat week of school and Wyatt was even praised for his coloring and manners in his class the other day.
Today has the possiblities of being a great storm day. The weatherman has stated that for the next week we have the possibilites of plenty of thunderstorms. Yippeeee!!!
We have one tv station that shows the radar every hour and you can see the storms build and find out which way they seem to be heading. I find it nerdy but cool.
I know your bored about me talking about the storms.
I'll hush for right now.
I happen to be taking out the trash the other morning and saw the sun illuminating my neighbors bouganvilla. I wished I had more time to get different angles but I snapped off a few.
I needed to get the kids to school and the other neighborhood dogs were starting to bark like crazy.
So the events for this weekend look like tonight is a training dinner, mexican is the theme and I'm going to try my hand at making Posole. Posole is a soup with pork and hominy. It was tasted real good when I had it once before so I thought I would give it a whirl.
Tomorrow the kids, all of them, are spending the night with my mom. Rob and I will be working on Kelly's room some more. No partying for us.
Yeah like we party.
I'm off to go cook some pork and make my soup. I'll check in if anything exciting happens.


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon all, chelsea and I are at the puter writing this.
Wanted to let all know that Carrie's posole was and is excellent. Rob sent some home with me when I picked up the kids this morning....yummy.
Well, my house is now a wreck...whew it looks like a tornado has come through, and truth to tell I really don't care. I love having the kids, they are such sweeties...not always, but I love them anyway.
Enjoy yourselves today you two

Attempted to cuttlebug...gave up!!!!

Love ma

Teri said...

Beautiful flowers.