Thursday, August 06, 2009

I made the news last night! And this morning!!

EDIT** * This is the photo that made the local 10 o'clock news last night!
I'm also pretty excited because I learned a new technique in photoshop and was able to erase all the rain drops from my picture.
The second photo I haven't cleaned up yet but that was actually the first that I captured when I got to the hill at Lakeside Park.
Things got a little hairy for a second. The storms were all around me and the pavillion I was taking cover from has a hole cut in the top. Rain is slashing in and I'm getting drenched.
Then the rain slows and the lightning was not consistent so I couldn't let the shutter stay open to capture several strikes like I wanted. It was by the grace of God that I got the awesome shot. A double ground strike from one bolt.

**** This second photo made the news at 11am. I was just getting ready to turn off the tv and leave with my mom when right in front of me is my picture!!!! They didn't show the first picture again that I know of but talk about super excited!!
Capturing lightning at dusk is not easy at all so this first strike blew my mind because I was still trying to get my setting right.
I mean I know what to do when it's full dark but, I've already said it before.

From what the weatherman has said rain will be pretty non existent the next week so I guess this was my fix.

I think I'm going to look into more things I can do with night photography.

I've tried light trails while driving and that is fun and weird. I would like to get a cool light trail from the highway but I haven't gone out to do it yet.

I think I'll go research that very topic, night photography.
See ya later aligator



Wife2TJ said...

Absolutely amazing pictures. TFS!!! Congrat's on making the news, that rocks!

Anonymous said...

I love storms, so much energy, since living in Michigan did not afford us the ability to see the storms the way we do here, well it's just awesome. So, where am I going with this...personally I like the light aloows you so get a vision on the clouds added to the lightening, well I really can't think of a word that describes how majestic that trully is.
Congrats Kiddo...keep learning


KreatesKards said...

Amazing photos ... WOW

Teri said...

Wow! great shots and congrats on making your news.