Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I think I really love taking lightning photos. There is something so beautiful and dramatic about each one.
I've taken to carrying my camera equipment with me in the chance of seeing anything photo worthy.
Last night just before we began home church I saw a little flash of lightning but I prayed that it could wait for me.
So on the drive home Rob and I see all these flashes of lightning and are ooh-ing, ahh-ing over them and trying to decide where is the best place to set up.
We decided to head back over to Lakeside Park but more on the hill. Little did I know there was a couple up there with 4 cameras taking shots at various angels.
This first is of course my favorite. I was hiding under a pavillion and I had just set the camera up when this big bolt came down.

That was probably the last big bolt of the night. The rest was pretty much cloud lightning and that in itself can be amazing.
The news is saying that we should have a repeat preformance tonight so I'm hoping to have quite a bit more fun. I believe I'll head to this same location because not only do you get lights from the city you can also get real cool light trails from the cars.
This morning I'm prepping for tonight, recharging batteries, cleaning lens, etc.

I know I've whined about it before but I wish I had some better lenses. Where I'm setting up has a good view of the east side of the city.
My lens is a 18-55 kits lens. Kit lens enough said. One of my three dream lenses is the 10-22. A very wide angle lens. Perfect for landscape shots.
My dream tonight, if storms happen, is to get several strikes in one shot. I know how to do this, I just need the opportunity.
I'm ready.



Anonymous said...

I really love the cloud lightening, and the way it steaks across the sky is amazing...loved seeing your name on channel 9.


P.S. have faith.....I love you daughter

~Jeri~ said...

wow beautiful pictures!!