Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm walking, yes indeed and I'm talking, just barely, but Im still walking.

Okay so I can only remember the first verse of this little jingle. Truthfully I just started walking yesterday, by the end of my first walk I need my inhaler. Today I did the same walk and feel so much better. And no inhaler!

I made the mistake of hopping on the scale yesterday. Now I've known for quite a while that I'm not happy with my weight. I finally decided to do something about it. After I drop the kids off to school I head to Lakeside Park and walk their track. Yes this is the place where I go to take photos. It has lots of hills as my screaming calves can attest to.
I found a not very good picture to show you lakeside park. I start on that far side of the lake to the left of the hill with the ramada. Walk up and downs about three hills and then back down in front of this hill around toward the back of the lake. Now I have no idea how far this is because the lake doesn't go all the way around but it's a workout. I'm going to work my way up to going around several times. Right now I can do once, back and forth but by the end of this week I want to be able to add another 1/2 around.
I need to get some of this weight off. I'm not happy and I know when it becomes jeans season I really will not be a happy camper if I cannot fit into my old jeans. So I'm gonna do something about it.

My days consist of lots of snuggles with Chelsea and trying to get the house back in some resemblence of order since our "summer" is over. I think I would rather snuggle with Chelsea but house work calls. Once we pick up Wyatt we sit at the school and wait the hour till Kelly gets out. I shouldn't say wait because we actually work on Wyatt's homework and color pictures.
So this is my boring life this week. If anything changes I'll let you know. :)

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Anonymous said...

OK Carrie, you have inspired me to get started also. My weight is driving me crazy, and I'm ashamed of the way I look....well only I can change that.
I am so blasted proud of Wyatt...he did it!!!!!!!!!

Off to get some packing done

Oh and by the way...too much fun ordering stamps...left a wish list and a whole bunch of contact me.....