Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It has been a sad weekend in our family. My step sister passed away early Sunday Morning.
The doctors have ruled it an accidental overdose from taking Tylenol Pm and an anti-depressant. The combination of the two caused her to have at least two massive heart attacks and seizures. All of this happened Wednesday morning but I didn't receive the call until Saturday when I was told she had been taken off life support.
Tracy was only 36.
It is such a shock.
Before she became my sister she was my bowling partner when we were teens. We have always gotten along well even if I wasn't thrilled that her mom and my dad hooked up.
Just recently I had a great conversation with my step mom about my feelings toward my sister and she cleared up some of my misconceptions.
I will willingly state that I was jealous of her because she was around my dad(go places, holidays, birthdays) more than I could be. I live in az, sis still lived at home in michigan.
I'm deeply saddend. T was a great mom to her son and she was fun to be around. I'll miss her.

Photo taken last night over Reddington pass.
Boring storm never even got close to the city, and really was too far away to shoot.
Our summer non-soon is about to end. But I have faith. My best work was taken/shot last year at this time of the month. Weatherman says storms possible today and tomorrow and this weekend.



KreatesKards said...

My heart goes out to you with the loss of your step-sister. So tragic. Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...

I remember when my brother was killed, my mom told me that it was wrong for a parent to lose a child...the parent is to go first, and you prepare for that. While I have not seen Tracy in many years, I feel for her mom and family, my heart truly goes out to them.

Jeri, if you read this...my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Ma/ yvonne