Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well the first week of school is winding down and both kids are doing well.
Kelly has told me every day that she had a fantastic day and she is liking both 2nd grade and her teacher. This is always nice to hear.
Wyatt, he had some problems the first couple of days but yesterday was better. Little man thinks if he says he can't do something that someone else will do it for him. The boy is smart but can be lazy. His teacher told me that he needs to count from 1-10 forwards and backwards. He can do that. He needs to know right from left. He knows that too. Stubborn boy won't do it in front of the class. So incorrigible.

This sweetheart has spent most of this week with Grandmom as Daddy and I work on remodeling Kelly's room.
Chels has taken to "talking back" when Grandmom scolds her for getting into things. Grandmom will tell her no, no and Chelsea gets going with her gibberish. Makes us smile every time.
This really has been a good week so far. Rob has especially enjoyed taking and picking the kids up from school. Since he only gets to do it a few times a year, and the kids are so excited to see him there at the school Rob is over the moon. Well over the moon until the kids start their fighting and bickering over everything then he wonders how I can stand it.
I guess he hasn't noticed the chronic facial tic.
No, you just take a lot of deep sighs and play referee, or play Socrates (answer their question with another question) ha ha ha.
Right now Rob and I are putting drywall on the walls now that we have finished the ceiling. I HATE doing the ceiling. Such a PITA and my head hurts from holding the drywall up with it.
I take these quick breaks as Rob measures and/or screws the drywall up and doesn't need me to be in the way.
We have a great working relationship, he does most of the hard work and I just do what he tells me to. He doesn't get mad at me, I don't get mad at him. Perfect.
Back to work!


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Anonymous said...

I am so very glad that kelly likes both her teacher and class, we were all afraid that with Ms. Watts not being her teacher that there would be problems.
You need to do a photo shoot of kelly's room demolition, show before, during and after.
I'm glad all is well

Chronic are just too precious!!!!!!!!! Growing up can be so hard, be glad you only have three...and remember my stories of how mom raised us four kids on her own, and worked anywhere from ten to sixteen hours a day...yea gads, I'll never be able to understand that one.

Love to all