Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Look at that sweetheart.
You would think by her pose that I was playing either really bad rap or listening to the fat lady at the opera.
Actually you would be wrong on both accounts.
The house was quiet and I was scrolling through some blogs. I happen to turn and see how Chel's nap was going when I saw this.
How could I resist?

This is one of those moments while precious and cute will fade to oblivion because I no longer have the brain cells to retain the memory. Sigh..
I must protest to God right now...if the experts are correct, WHY do women lose 10% of their brain cells with each pregnancy.
With everything we are to remember why not INCREASE our brain cells by 10% with each pregnancy.
Hello God?? Jesus can you pass this question on?
((Obviously this cannot be true otherwise women like Michelle Duggar, with 19 children, would be a blubbering basket cases, and that is not the truth))
I don't know if anyone remembers, and it's been a very long time ago, do you remember the movie Flash Gordon??
I believe there was this scene where they hook a machine up to somebody (maybe Flash) and watch all his memories in reverse.
That might be pretty cool.
Granted there are some things I would like to glance over but for the most part there is so much I wish I could remember, people, feelings, dates and places.
Because each one of those little moments has helped shaped the person I have become.

Granted from now until the scientists unlock the "secrets of the mind" I have this blog to store some of my memories.
You have been warned.


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Anonymous said...

Chel is just so precious...or could I be prejudice...maybe, but she is still so cute.
These moments are so fleeting and hard to remember in the long scheme of things. I can remember so many instances in yours and Mikey's life, it's like flashes of pictures. And I look at your children and laugh, because they remind me so much of you and your brother.
SOOO question....why did God in his infinite wisdom deem it necessary to make man first...he knew what was going to happen, so why not make woman first. And, while I know the justification and reasoning behind a woman's period and pain in childbirth...come on give us a break...add to that we lose 10% of our mental faculties during childbirth.....stop....we need every ounce of our brain cells to just cope every day. Not fair, you have to wonder why he felt such a Need to prove we were more fragile than man. But then again, there are and have been many women who have proven through our history that we can be tougher than a man...hell yes...we have the capabilities to do anything we set our minds to....come on girls!!!
Flash Gordon huh...yep, I remember and yes I do believe it was Flash and do the memory thing...crazy movie, one of my favs years ago.