Saturday, September 05, 2009

The monsoon season is winding down for here in Tucson but it seems the southern cities are just hopping.

Last night we went on a little jaunt to check out the light show. I thought that the storm was heading into town but it slowly crept away.

Toward the end I decided to let my camera stay open to see what I would get. This is my best shot.

The hard part about leaving the shutter open is that it takes the camera that much longer to process the image. Example; I normally leave my camera open about twenty seconds. When I close the shutter the image processes fast. This time I left the shutter open about 2 minutes, and it takes another two minutes for it to process. Imagine all the shots you could miss!

Since the lightning was sporadic I decided to see what I could get. The next shot I left open about 4 minutes and it is too bright. See example below.

I left the shutter open that long and all I got was three lousy strikes (remember the T-shirt)
Anywhoo tonight the weatherman's predicting 60% chance of rain. We'll see.
Oh and you wanna hear what Rob said to me last night?
I was getting the tripod ready and he said,"You really need two cameras". This is because the action was in two places. It has happened before and he has made the same comment.
I love that my hubby is supportive and I know if things were better he would gladly get me a second camera body. Major points for that.
I am just fascinated by the awesome beauty that is lightning. I know to be careful and I am but it floors me every time.
When Rob and I were first married we would grab dinner and go watch the lightning show like a person would go watch fireworks. Oh and the sunset that can come with storm are usually gorgeous.
Sorry, I'm beginning to sound like a broken record.

This weekend we will be painting Kelly's room a Watermelon Pink.
Hey, she picked it out!
And I'm secretly excited to see how it's going to turn out.
Originally Kelly wanted a pretty turquoise called Sweet Rhapsody but she changed her mind and kept telling everyone she was going to have a pink room.
Rob and I will hopefully be installing her flooring too. What was suppose to be a week project has turned into about a month.
That's life right?

I'm to the point I just want my scrapping room back.
Kelly turns seven this month and wants a Ariel birthday. Thankfully I have the Disney princess carts and I can do some cool stuff but I need my room! I'm running out of time!!! Cupcake toppers, decor, banners.
When Kelly was three she had a Ariel birthday and I saved most of the stuff so I'll pull it back out but I want to add some touches to it.
I get all excited about birthday decor.
HHmmmm....birthday party planner......hhmmmm.....
Naw, then I would have to work every weekend.
Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I really like that first picture. I have a fascination with lightening...the awsome power of it. Last night (sat) had some really good strikes out here by me, but on Friday as I was coming home the sun was setting a firery red with dark clouds and lightening all around...God it was really beautiful. It made me catch my breath.....
You know this pink bedroom really kind of scares me, I wish Kelly would have been willing to use two different colors to tone down the "pink" refection. Oh well, her room, hopefully it doesn't give her nightmares.....just kidding :)
Am off to start on the documents needed for my case

Have a safe and nice Memorial Day