Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oh I'm in trouble.

With my family's enabling I have been going quilt crazy. Thanks to my friend Debbie whom has introduced me to charms packs, which led me to google on the net and find the Moda bake shop, , where you find the best patterns and ideas.

I have highlighted this fabric because I just ordered it to make my a baby quilt for my soon to arrive niece.

So now I'm waiting on fabric. What do you think of this for a table runner?? Crazy bright huh?

One thing that clicked for me while I was learning about this Moda company was that a while ago I heard that Basic grey scrapbook paper was turned into a fabric line.

Well Moda is the company that makes it.

They carry, sultry, eva, figgy pudding and coming in January is blush.

I have plans brewing in my head. Scary thought.

So in a nut shell I have chained myself to my sewing machine piecing things together.

Now I just need to learn to bind and quilt it. hehehehe

Christmas is going to be very homemade. I have a list of what is being made for each family. Some of those ideas came from the cricut message board. Talk about inspiring.

I have started planning out my Christmas cards. I'm going to make 6 sets of 10 cards. Plenty of variety and I will probably not get bored doing it.

I had also seen a Happy Halloween banner at two peas last year that I'm going to be recreating soon with foamy pumpkins, blackletter solutions cart and ribbons galore.
Our family loves Halloween.

I am not leaving my scrappy world! I'm just branching out and learning new things. I am becoming the creative person I have always wanted to be.
I feel so dang jazzed.
Now will this feeling continue while I go clean my scraproom??

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Anonymous said...

Hey, don't forget that I wanted a table runner in the Halloween stuff....I'll pay!!!!!!!
Have to admit to a huge laugh when you talked about cleaning your scrap room..oh lord. If you can keep your spirits up to getr through that, well than bless your heart.
Oh, and if you need any measurements..well just let me know