Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wyatt's teacher, Ms. Svetlana says to me this morning that toward the end of yesterday all the kids began to get tired and Wyatt was no exception. He had the little girl next to him doing his work for him!!
Ms. Svetlana and her aide Ms. Trudi said they watched as Wyatt told the little girl what to color and where. Both ladies got a chuckle out of it but said that Wyatt needs to do his own work.
Kindergarten and the boy is already sweet talking the girls into doing his work. He knows how to do all this stuff, lazy kid or brilliant?
One of the mom's said he had the makings of a politician. Yikes!

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Anonymous said...

It's called delegating...yep, our little man is on his way. Gets others to do the work for him And then takes the credit. But, he now needs to learn how Not to get caught....
You have to admit, when he looks at you with those puppy dog eyes, sticks out his lower lip just a little...well, you have to laugh...he is working us :-)