Friday, October 23, 2009

I cannot believe it is Friday already. No again I'm not complaining but boy is time just flying by.
So a week ago we went to the Tucson zoo.
I for one love zoo's and each time i bring my "equipment" just hoping to get a great shot to one day hang on the wall.
My wish is to take a small wall in our home somewhere and have nothing but zoo photos. My favorite animals are pretty much everyone else's favorites too; the tiger, lions, polar bears, monkeys, etc
Always the first stop when you enter the zoo is the tiger exhibit. This day he was out and walking around. He was even talking to the people as he walked in front of the glass. Unfortunately all my up close face ones were blurry. Always next time.

As I went to catch up to my family I saw that the lions were also moving around their enclosure. The lioness took one look at me and immediately sat down, but the lion, he looked like he wanted to chase me down and eat me up. He just had that "stalker" look. This was actually one of my best opportunities to get the lion.
He is really beautiful.

Now my absolute favorite is the polar bear. Today he and the wires that surround him would not cooperate when it came to angles so I snapped whatever I could. I have gotten a few great ones of this big guy previously so I wasn't too stressed.
One of my kids' favorites are the giraffes. They are just so cool. I happen to love some monkeys and elephants but I haven't been able to get very good shots of them. I think the Phoenix zoo is a better place to photograph monkeys.
Of course our zoo has plenty of animals but I really don't have or didn't bring the right stuff to do them justice.
So that was Friday morning, that evening the cousins came to spend the night and I ditched Rob with 5 kids so that I could go craft with the girls. What a stud.
Saturday was a hang around kind of day and then Rob and I ditched my mom with all 5 kids so that we could play bunco. hahahaha. No really they were good.
So tomorrow is Saturday(duh, Carrie how redundant) and I hope to be able to finish the recap with our visit to Apple Annie's apple and pumpkin farms.
Have a happy weekend

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