Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm thrilled to announce that I am once again an AUNTIE!!
Savannah Paige Percy was born Monday evening weighing in at 3lbs 15oz and 17 inches long.
Baby Savvy(as I will call her) is in the NICU but doing fantastic.
My sil Amanda is doing well, her blood pressure is still a bit high so the nurses are keeping an eye on her, and my little brother is kind of freaked out seeing his baby all hooked up but thrilled at having a little girl since they have two boys already.

I'm trying to finish the baby quilt I had started last week for our new little one. The blanket I will get a picture of :)
I postponed posting because I had hoped to have a picture of our new sweetheart.

I'll be back tomorrow with more weekend recap of the zoo and apple/pumpkin picking.

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Anonymous said...

Well, no pictures...of course the picture that we do have, you can only see a very small part of her face because of the tubes in her maybe we'll wait a little on that.
After the problem yesterday (Savannah blew out her lung) she is now stable once again, highly sedated. Amanda spent most of yesterday (Thursday) with Savvy.
Yesterday was hard, but as the nurses say....she is fiesty!!!! Yea for the girls....

Have an awsome weekend everyone