Monday, October 12, 2009

Rob really wants to kick my derriere. HARD
I seem to have misplaced my second set of house/car keys in one month.
I know I didn't let Chelsea get a hold of them. At least not knowingly.
Here is what I know;
the keys were last seen in our home Thursday afternoon, after bringing the kids home from school.
I swear I put them in an obvious out of Chelsea's reach spot. But I now don't remember where that is.
We have looked under couches, in between cushions, behind and under the fish tank, on the computer desk, on hooks, my bedroom, sewing bag, kitchen counter (needed to be de-cluttered anyway), Kelly's backpack (maybe they fell off the hook into her open bag)

I have prayed for some help, even throwing one up to St. Anthony, even though I'm not Catholic. It can't hurt right?

I need a clapper for my keys. Or better yet do you remember that Jennifer Aniston movie, Something about Polly, with the little tracker for her keys that she used on her ferret.
Yeah, I need one of those.
Dang it, I don't want to have to get new keys made. And unlike last time, my van keys and remote were on this key chain.

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Anonymous said...

Ah daughter...ten years from now, you will laugh about this, because MAYBE you will have come across them by then. You sure have the darndest time hanging on to things.
I'll be frank about something...somewhere in this house is $100, and dang it if i can find it. I put it away for some obsecure reason and I've never been able to locate don't feel too bad, so when you make those keys up....make a few sets, better safe than sorry....