Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I have been a very busy mommy. On Saturday I was slightly crazy and decided to finish quilting my first baby quilt. I sewed on the binding and spent the next two hours doing my whipstitching.
Voila! I have completely finished my first baby quilt. Pictured is before binding.
I really liked how it turned out AND I learned a few things.
On to Halloween. The kids definitely scored in the candy department and were throughly wiped out by the end of the night.

We had Kelly as a Princess Fiona (before the Ogre)
Wyatt- Batman, the wings and mask from his birthday and a set of pj's that I found on clearance at Target and the only set period, thankfully in his size.
Chelsea was a little bumble bee.
this costume was purchased when Kelly was around two and that year she got sick and wasn't able to go out so Wyatt was the first to actually wear it out for trick or treating.
Mommy- I went with being a pirate and I loved the hat.

Daddy- well Daddy doesn't really get into the costume stuff like we do. One friend on Facebook said he was going as a nudist on strike.
We all had a great time.

On Monday I started a program that I had heard about from another blogger and saved the link to my computer. this link has been sitting there for about a year when Rob stumbled on it and looked into it. After my most recent breakdown of feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start, Rob felt that this might be worth a try.
It's called Motivational Moms and for us whom are hopeless at getting the whole house clean this is for us.
So I bought the 3 month plan to give it a whirl and if I like it I'll buy the whole year plan.
So far I have been following the plan and I am happy with all that I have accomplished so far. Certain chores you do every day and others are "extras" that just help keep the house on the straight and narrow.
Check it out at you can see all her samples.
Since I'm starting at the end of the year chores like dusting the first floor haven't popped up yet so that still needs to be done but the kitchen counters and bathrooms look fantastic. Hell even my bedroom is getting back on track.
My problem is to not to get overwhelmed at what isn't done and be happy with what is.
Baby Steps.
Right now this means I spend less time on the computer and crafting but the plan makes time for crafting.
Today I have begun the final stages for completing my second quilt which is for Chelsea. I'm in the process of putting my "sandwhich" together but Chelsea thought it would be better to open all of Daddy's dresser drawers and then mess with my sndwhich. so I put it on hold to come type up a recap and wait for reinforcements to keep the midget occupied so I can get the fabric pinned together.
I'll post a picture when I'm done.
I better go, I need to run the vacuum before the kids get home.

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Anonymous said...

YEAH Carrie, You have to start somewhere. If this product helps you get things in line, then we will be willing to help sell it. Persoanlly, I think its great..Never give up.

Onto Halloween, I know I was not into it on Saturday, it's hard when you work six days a week and are trying to get everything else in also. And it especially ticked me off because I had bought some new cool things just for that purpose, and so now it will have to wait till next year...hohum!!!!