Friday, November 13, 2009

What do you think of this leaf photo?? I'm in the not sure category. I see texture but I think it needs more space surrounding or cropped close. But it pulls me. hhmmm...

In other life altering important news... not really.... One week until El Tour de Tucson!

I will be so happy when it's over. I mean I support my hubby and all but he has been gone every Saturday for training and when he doesn't have to work we have Saturdays as family day.

This Saturday is a bike swap meet and we are all going. I went to these a few years ago as an outing for a photography class. It is all very interesting. The characters you meet down by the University are priceless.

These people are so hard to describe, you have the guys just getting off of work from the bar, the 70 yr old ex dancer(not stripper) who wears a fedora while sitting on the street corner smoking a cigarette. The hippies or naturalists who smell of patchouli. The guys who sell the tricked out chopper bikes wearing their bandannas and tattoos. You might even see a few yuppies in their khakis walking around. It's all very cool. And for a people watcher I just find it all fascinating.

Another thing I have found interesting is watching my youngest try to be like her big sister and brother. If Wyatt leaves his legos on the floor Chelsea will begin playing with them. If the kids are at the table coloring she wants to do it too.

Evidence exhibit #1

please take obvious note of the paper and pencil. The accused was seen heading for the door when she changed her mind and sat down to begin her scribbles. This gave the mommy police time enough to grab my camera and snap a few shots. She looked up at me all pleased as punch and then went right back to scribbling.

When the accused began writing on the floor is when I took the pencil away.

She was then sentenced to nap time.

I later let her color at the table. I really have to keep my eye on her so that she doesn't eat the crayons, otherwise everything washes off. Well except my cuttlebug. Still trying to get the pencil marks off that one.
So I'm off to begin documenting my weekend, I first have to take a photo at Rob's work of all the guys. I guess this is something that corporate needs. I'm hoping to get the guys to loosen up a bit. I sure don't want all grouchies guys.
Have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

It's ok..not spectacular, maybe because the colors are washed out so much. But i do like the texture that you can see in the leaf. And so that leads me to say, I really love fall and since we have had such warm weather here, we have now just lost our leaves...hey guys how about letting the kids have a good ole fashion play in the leaves time...rake them up and let the kids have a ball.
Remember the fun you had in our old yard on Lexington??? Drove me nuts sometimes, but then I would remember doing the same as a kid
Have a great weekend