Thursday, December 10, 2009

holy moly. this has been a busy week and the busiest part starts tomorrow night.
Before I get to into it I'll catch you up on the Bethlehem Facebook saga.
Starting on Monday:
Due to a massive relief effort the town of Bethlehem has been restored. Unfortunately we have received word via carrier pigeon that the camel belonging to the 3 wise men has taken a detour and last seen heading for Damascus.
Now I searched for this camel and could NOT find him. One of my friends was asking if anyone had some boys shoes and so I went digging in Wyatt's room.
There I managed to find my cricut super sharp scissors and the camel.
this is what I posted this morning:

Bethlehem update: The camel was returned to the wise men by a group of bedouins for some of their gold. The Angel of the Lord has sent a message to us. She asks that we use the "off" switch on the manger. She is tired and losing her voice from singing Away in the Manger. More to come...
Now I'll add something that I haven't posted to Facebook yet.

Mary has gone missing. Joseph is taking care of baby Jesus and until Mary can be found, don't worry the baby will be drinking goats milk until mommy comes back. Upon her return she will be checked out for post partum depression. The mother of the Son will receive the best possible care.
On to other news or nonsense.
I have tried several times to get a group photo of the rugrats. I even let them sit on the kitchen table but all I get is grumbles and whines. This photo of the 3 here in the chair took 4 adults to orchestrate. And THIS was the best of the ones I took.
Gotta love this age, sigh... at least that is what they say.
Maybe I should have bribed them.
I mean look at those faces, couldn't they fake it??
today is school photo day for Kelly. Wyatt's was postponed till next Tuesday. Kelly is a pro now so I know I'll get a good smile.
Wyatt on the other hand, I'm sure I will get the squinty eyed, fake smile.
Can you believe that Chelsea will be 18 months old right after Christmas? She has started changing so much.
Right now we are struggling through a biting phase. There are the tantrums that strike in less then 2 seconds. Then we have the happy, spinning, silly spaz, that is just so cute and sweet. Of course I can't forget the cuddler. When she starts to get tired she will curl up in your lap and just chill.
Tonight Kelly's scout troop will be singing carols at the Scottish masons christmas dinner. I'm kinda of excited to see the girls in action. Of course I will have my camera handy and I think I'll try my nifty fifty lens because it works well in low light. I'm hoping to cruise around downtown and get some pictures of the different lights. Right next to where Kelly will be at is this beautiful metal griffon with a red light inside. It was so cool the first time Rob and I saw it, I immediately wanted to come back and take some night pictures.
Of course what downtown is boring? There are buildings that I would love to get shots of, so who knows, if my family is willing we will check it.
Have a happy weekend


Anonymous said...

Wow, Carrie you just have to divide this a bit more, I mean jeez.
You have to admit the kids are very normal, they never want to sit still unless there is a movie.Then id its soemthing they really like a bomb could go off and they wouldn't realize it.
So sorry that the holy family is having a hard time staying together, you know how it can be with a new baby.......

Anonymous said...

sounds like a busy week at your house and in Bethlehem!!

We are going to have our pictures taken downtown in January..we are debating either the courthouse or in front of the Library, but I did see that griffin thing you were talking about last night.