Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm sorry, I'm just going to say it now


I really don't know what is up with me but I always seem to get the blahs the closer Christmas gets.
Now who knows, it could be because I never got the Barbie dream house when I was little or it could be, dang it, because there are NOT enough hours in the day to do allllll the cool stuff I'm seeing around.
It's crunch time.
My one major project I'm making for 3 families has come to a sudden halt. It includes printing photos onto tissue paper.
Well darn it all, my printer has run out of ink!
And right this second I don't have the extra $24 to go buy color ink.
And my printer won't print without the color cartridge inserted. crap.....
On the good news side, Rob's Christmas present just arrived and all my Christmas shopping is FINISHED!
Except...I still need to make/finish a couple of things. Thankfully Rob is off next week and I'm going to have him wrangle the kids so that I can get the goodies finished.

Less than a week away til the big day... Can we add a another week?
I have started making a file of all the things I would like to accomplish or decorate for next year. The Internet has so many beautiful and creative ideas and people.
I'm hoping that next year will be what I call a "golden year" all the kids will be another year older and wiser and the joy of Christmas will hopefully make them more "jolly".
Right now they are sucking the Christmas spirit out of us with all the complaining and back talking.
Okay, so here is the Phoenix. I got really frustrated because I thought that all my photos were coming out blurry so I stopped taking pictures and vowed to one day come back.
Lo and behold they ALL came out clear, just not as perfect as I would like.
Also I would like to be there when the Masons were not using the building and the lights were off.
He is a gorgeous subject. That and the church that is behind this building are fantastic to photograph at night.
Oooh, Mom is taking all my rugrats on Saturday night. Besides wrapping gifts, as long as the weather holds maybe I can wrangle Rob into going back downtown for more photos.
I have already begun making goals for next year.
Maybe if I break them up into easy manageable project I will get more accomplished.

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