Saturday, December 19, 2009

So it's before 8 am on a Saturday morning. the kids have had breakfast and are dressed, well except for Chelsea and all are watching cartoons.
It's been kind of a crazy 48 hours.
Thursday I went to the Childrens Museum with Wyatt's class and then I hung out while they had their Christmas party.
After school I was feeling very tired and jittery, thinking that maybe I just had a bit too much sugar.
Found out that Chelsea had gotten sick at Grandma's but didn't think much of it because depending on the circumstance she can vomit easy.
Got everyone home and Rob isn't feeling well. Great. So Rob, me and Wyatt are lounging on the couch when Wyatt stands up and loses it all over the rug.
Oh boy
We take the rug outside and I hose it off.
The next 12 hours are a complete mess.
I get sick
Rob gets sick
Wyatt gets sick again
Repeat the last three steps
Try to go to bed
Chelsea wakes and cries for over an hour (between 1and 2am)
Wyatt again
Kelly gets sick
By morning everyone is feeling better
The adults are achy, tired but better
We get a call, Grandmom is sick.
It breezed through us pretty fast so hopefully she will be better this morning.
In the 7 years we have had kids we have never been sick all at the same time.
Sad story, Rob is in our bathroom, I'm in the guest bathroom and Chelsea is crying outside the doors because she can't come in. Poor Chelsea as soon as I was finished she got some hugs and cuddles.
So that was so NOT how I wanted this post to go. I could delete it but ya know, that's life. I haven't been on the computer in a couple of days and so I went to do some catching up.
I am so excited to read that Cricut is coming out with some new cartridges. Now by the titles I didn't think they would be anything that would interest me but HOLY COW!!! my mind is whirling with options and wondering when I can get the tax return back so that I can go purchase most of them heritage sentimentals forever young songbird mothers day mini cart
The forever young cart has 50 purse designs, great for gifts or favors. Oh the fun I could have.
I love having little girls.
The mothers day cart is a must have. There are so many beautiful cuts.
Now heritage and sentimentals, at first I wondered about, what would I use this for but my creative brain came out of hibernation and I will admit I have a secret thing for old telephones. Plus all those shape cuts at the end.
Fonts are another favorite and Songbird has an elegant font.
These are suppose to be released late December, right now please, so I think I should be able to get them easily by end of January.
Now that I'm feeling normal I need to get busy finishing Christmas presents.


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