Friday, December 04, 2009

Welcome to the crazy holiday season!

And welcome home baby Savannah!

Just look at that face. aawwww

I have no idea where to start.

The holidays and all it's pressures are upon me and I'm trying not to crack under pressure.

I completed 55 Christmas cards and after having my kitchen table covered in craft supplies for 2 weeks I said enough. I have other projects to get done and I would really like to see my table let alone eat at my table.
Thanksgiving was great and I do believe we all enjoyed our selves. We had plenty of food as usual and ate leftovers for most of the week.

On Friday we put up the tree and some decorations and otherwise spent a relaxing weekend together.
We went with no ornaments on the tree this year because a certain someone keeps pulling the lights and garland off. Aahh terrible twos have already arrived.

No Black Friday for me, I did it once and once was enough. I made the mistake of going to Best Buy. Just insane.

Don't get me wrong Black Friday morning the urge to shop is there but between the cold and the crowds I think I'll stick to online shopping.

Why does December have to be such a crazy month?? I have to make sure I'm super organized, which I usually fail somewhere along the way, I tend to get panicky about the gifts I bought or made. There are never enough hours in the day and with the days being shorter in the winter makes everything worse.

Why couldn't Jesus be born in June??

I haven't been feeling the greatest, I'm not sleeping well and I'm having a power struggle with an 18 month old.

To bring some hilarity to the situation I have started a little farce concerning this Little People
Nativity Set.
For the last few years I had heard about this set but they were always sold out. Mom and I were out shopping when I saw some at Walmart. Mom bought it for us because she knew the kids would love it, and they do. Wyatt and Kelly spent most of the day playing with it while I cleaned off a spot big enough to set up Bethlehem.
So right now it is set up on our end table. Prefect height for Chelsea to see and touch.
To learn, to enjoy.
Sunday night the saga begins. Baby Jesus and a sheep went missing. Here is what I posted on Facebook:
Baby Jesus has gone missing. One of the shepherds sheep has ambled off also. I wonder if they are hanging together. I do know that Mary and Joseph are distraught and are frantically searching my house for their baby. I'm wondering, where did Chelsea put them???
Now most of my family and friends know about Chelsea's habit of causing mischief. Twice now she has clogged the toilet with toothbrushes. She has disappeared with my car keys that were found a couple of months later, she randomly put things that don't belong in the garbage.
So the answers to my post ran from check the toilet to check the sock bin, toy box, trash, etc.
A little while later the sheep just reappeared;
Checked the trash...but wait! the sheep has come home! Now off to keep searching for Baby Jesus. Poor thing cold and all alone.
The sheep was hiding in a basket on the floor. Rob says as long as we find baby J by Christmas eve he doesn't care. I'm hoping it isn't another missing car key incident
Rob and I searched everywhere. We decided that after the kids had gone to bed that we would flip the couch and love seat. Guess who we found?
Baby Jesus has been found!!! Mary wept with joy and gratitude that we found her little guy. That darn sheep must have ditched him under the couch before he came back. (the basket was next to the couch.) The shepherd apologized profusely for not watching his flock closely enough. I have put in a call canceling the missing child posters :)
So before we went to bed we put Bethlehem back to rights.
For the next couple of days Chelsea would get mad at one thing or another and she would swipe out her arms and send everything flying. so I decided to add this to my facebook saga.
A freak sandstorm blew through Bethlehem this morning sending bodies flying. No person or animal came away unscathed. Maybe I should call Chelsea a "little stinker" sent by King Herod. Goes with the story better. Instead of just looking for the first born son she wiped out the whole town. :)
At this time I'm thinking of relocating the town to a higher "hill".
So this is the story as of now.

Back to real life.

I'm not sure I can even begin to put into words all the things running through my head; to do's, wish lists, appointments, cooking, household stuff, school stuff, girl scouts.

I think Chelsea has a category all her own. There isn't enough time to write all her issues right now. :)

Kelly has started crying before going to school, she says she misses me. Kelly says no one is being mean to her and that she is having no problems with her teacher, so I'm not sure how to handle it besides a hug, a kiss, tell her to have a great day, and shove her into her classroom.

Wyatt has gotten in trouble twice this week. Once for screaming in the bathroom and another for calling a classmate a pig. Just great. He got his first red circle. He did not get the new book I had bought him and lost a few other privileges besides getting a talking to by both mom and dad.

I think I'm ready for a new year.

Off to finish, hopefully, some Christmas presents today, get cards ready to mail this weekend.


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Anonymous said...

Hang on, this is going to be a long one.. Thanksgiving day was such a blessing to me, surrounded by all my kids and Savannah home from the hospital. I cannot explain the heartstrings that day as I watched my youngest take care of his baby girl. Even now, as I write this I start crying. The older kids were wonderful, no fighting or arguing, now who could ask for more than all this.
You know, school is finished for me, so now I work part time for an attorney, so now I'm back to being really busy...but I love the work and feel that I have found my niche in life.
With that in mind I started shopping and preparing several months ago, thank goodness. So, I'm enjoying a really pretty laid back holiday season...hope you find yours.

To one and all, have a very wonderful season.