Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy hump day!

I have completed my Bethlehem saga on Facebook and edited my blog in December.

why not now you ask?

Cause I plan on having my blog made into a book yearly and would like to keep it all together.
So last night we had Girl Scouts and it was our cookie meeting.
I'm so excited, love cookie time. Kelly will be able to start selling cookies this Saturday! I sure hope she enjoys selling cookies.
I love their little troop and would you believe that in a troop this small there are 2 Kelly's? Yep both K's are in the pink pants.
We are slated to sell 150 boxes of cookies! Last year Kelly only sold 90 but with the new way the scouts are doing things and we have a longer selling period I don't see a problem getting to 150 boxes.
On a side note, I love comments, I really do, but I love it even more when I know whom they are from. If you are inclined to leave a little love or criticism, drop a name, even if you make that name up. :)
Back to regular programming
Yesterday I began the journey to a cleaner scraproom. For a while I thought I was going to get suck into the vortex of scrap crap but I managed to make a dent into things. The only unfortunate accident occurred when I bent myself into a pretzel tyring to put away a paper holder full of cardstock and I got a charlie horse in my calf. While trying to untie myself I kicked over a pile of "stuff "which included an open container of buttons. Sigh. It's okay you can laugh.
I must say though even Rob noticed the dent I made and we can up with a couple of storage ideas to try.
I will say that I do NOT need any more cute, open, baskets, metal tins, etc. the containers are great if you have the shelf space and I unfortunately at this time do not. Just like I don't have the space currently for the big dry erase board from my mom or the magnetic board I picked at Ikea. But I just HAD TO HAVE THEM!!
Yeah I found a lot of my just had to have them as I was cleaning yesterday. I can't begin to think of the thousands of dollars I have spent over the last few years, and some of it has never come out of the packaging. Just sick I tell you.
This year though I am making a goal and getting back to scrapping. I have missed it. Plus I really want to use some of this stuff up.
I'm not as covetous as I once was, well except for Cricut cartridges they are versatile. I don't have to have the latest and greatest. Maybe once my stockpile goes down I'll get rejuvenated but now I'm plain ol' disgusted at myself and my hoarding tendencies.
I'm gonna go slink off and continue cleaning now.
Have a happy Wednesday

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