Monday, January 25, 2010

I caught a cold last week that knocked me on my bottom. Fortunately I didn't get a fever so I was able to attend and take pictures for the Winter prince and princess party in Wyatt's class.
Most of the girls wore their princess or halloween costumes and just a few of the boys dressed up. One young man came dressed more like a king then a prince and by the end of the day he wanted to dress Wyatt up in his costume.
Each prince had a princess or a few had princesses they took the girls shoe and had to find their princess and put the shoe back on. The kids then went out on the dance floor and swayed and twirled to some music. Later the kids were given snowflake fans and they did another dance. This dance they dipped and swirled and shook the snowflakes around.
It was just soooo sweet.
I think I took about 100+ photos of the event and I spent a bit of time last night sorting and deleting photos. They are now uploaded to Costco for printing and will turn them into the teacher tomorrow.
Wyatt's class is just adorable and now all the kids know me and will come up to me for help or to show me what they are working on. I now know each by name and the kids get a kick out of the fact that I know them by name.

On Sunday my friend Debbie and I, with permission from our pastor (inside joke), went to the quilt show instead of going to church.        

Just WOW! it amazes me what you can do with fabric, and if I would have had more money I would be have been willing to try and find out! I find myself drawn to brighter quilts but others are just as gorgeous. This one to the left was one of the first I had seen. It's all batiks and fascinating to look at. I think I might try my hand at making at least one big quilt this year.   
I also seem to be drawn to scrappy quilts. For those who quilt there is always bits and pieces left over and to make a quilt out of them is so freeing.
Right now sitting on my kitchen table is my cricut E. Yes my bug is back! I was told that a diode went out and it ended up costing me $85.00 to fix but that is better than having to buy a new machine.
Now the gypsy is still calling me but we will have to see how generous my hubby is at tax refund time.
Considering that he is getting his road bike for cycling, I'm getting a new lens and monopod plus some other scrappy and quilting stuff, I don't know if I can get up the nerve to ask for more.
Not that I'm afraid to ask him mind you I just don't want to appear greedy.
Carrie, you know you want me, you know how awesome I will be, you must buy me. You must get a pretty sleeve to put me in, you can take me anywhere and create with me. You can upload allllll your carts to one spot, you can weld words and create new files for what you want. Buy me. Buy me....
See this is what I hear in my head. That darn gypsy is calling my name.
But for now I must go fold laundry.
Sucks to be responsible sometimes.

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