Thursday, January 28, 2010

The learning process can come easy or hard.
Lately my kids are really into those seek and find books. Kelly can usually find almost everything but Wyatt gets stumped easier. On this night Wyatt kept asking for help finding almost everything. So when I decided to bring the camera out he was in no mood for it.

Moooommm, Stop taking my picture, I'm trying to find Simba!

But Wyatt you're so cute.
Mom, I'm not cute I'm handsome.
Love this kid.

It's the end of the month and I don't believe I have complete any of my monthly goals.
Now granted I have started working on the kids' V-day goodies but I have not done a single card.
This might be remedied tomorrow because I have two birthdays and a baby shower this weekend.
Clayton my nephew is turning 7 on Saturday and my wonderful hubby is turning 39! on Sunday.
Rob's one request is to go to Gavi Italian restaurant. This tiny hole in the wall restaurant where the food is a little pricey but huge portions and tastes fantastic. I'm super excited about going, especially since we had to get our furnace fixed and I didn't think we would still be able to afford going.
What other exciting news do I have.....nothing really.....I have begun cutting fabric for a new quilt. It's called Enigma. I bought 20+ fat quarters when J's had them on sale and I really didn't have any specific plan for them so I just went for it a began cutting. We shall see. This will be the biggest quilt I have constructed so far.

On a proud photographer note, some of the parents in Wyatt's class have asked for copies of the class picture that I took. Also my quilting ladies have encouraged me to enter a photo into our local county fair. No cash prizes but I get a snazzy ribbon and my photo will be seen by hundreds of people. Pretty cool I think.
Plus I think I might try making a photo bucket list. It sounds like fun and I plan on having years and years to complete it so I might get a bit fantastical with it.
Let's see what the weekend brings.


Julie G. said...

I loved, and I think forced my kids to love....Where's Waldo books!

Anonymous said...

Wyatt, you are just too cute for words. And sorry to say you will always be a cutie to me, your Nina.
Onto the birthday was great, Gavi restaurant rocked..I even sent my regards back to the chef. And to top it off cake and ice cream at Rob's mom's (grandma)
So it was a great day, spending time with all my kids and dessert, how much better can you get than that.

Oh, Carrie...I hear the Gypsy talking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!