Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I totally forgot to post the picture of the V-day bags I made for the kids' classes. I made a total of 44 of them and each bag had several mini candy bars or suckers and a pencil. I had almost forgotten to take a photo of them. So this is my last second, get it done picture.
Not every one had stamping on them but those were my favorites.
My plan was to color the stamped valentines but I just ran out of time.
I was telling Rob that maybe I should start this stuff like six months in advance.
My kids liked them and they did get to help a little. I think next year we will go easier.
Another little project I started last year was to take a picture of all the seasonal M&M's.
This accomplishes two goals, I love m&m's and its part of my holiday decorating, at least for a few days anyway :)
 I missed a few last year so I'm trying to remember to buy and photograph them this year. Then I want to do a scrapbook page about it.
I believe next up are the Easter/Spring colors.


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Anonymous said...

The bags are soooo cute, and I love the stamping you did on them. I wanna try, can I, can I???
Good job, though I know from being around you, you tended to be a little bit of a bear, not to mention trying to keep our sweetie Chelsea out of things,and she is so into EVERYTHING. Gotta love her though, when she looks at you with those big blue eyes and is chewing you out because you ruined her fun getting into mommy's stuff!!!!!!!!
Oh, yea you can't quite understand what she is saying, but the tone comes through loud and clear!
Have a great one.