Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I'm sitting here this morning thinking about how much I like Valentines Day.
Not because I have a sweetheart but really because my favorite colors are red and pink and I like hearts. Oh yeah and I loooove chocolate.
So as I sit here drinking a cherry Pepsi and munching on valentines m&m's and looking at the different projects women have made for V-day. Banners, cards, mailboxes, etc.
For the past week I have been working on the kids' valentines bags for their classes.The project has become somewhat of a monster. Instead of making one prototype and being consistent I went a bit cricut cut out heart crazy, and things have gotten a bit choatic. Now I'm trying to reign everything in and get the job finished up.
Besides all of that project mess I have once again forgotten to put up any Valentines decorations. I do have some, they are in a small box somewhere in the shed. I have also misplaced the fabric I bought years ago for that tablecloth/table runner I was going to make. I really know where the fabric is but I put it in the wrong fabric box and its a pain to dig it back out. Sigh, guess I will try to have it completed before Valentines next year.
Once upon a time I said I was going to be one of those moms that decorated for every holiday. I'm failing miserably. I'm finding that time seems to go sooooo fast and if I don't have/make an appointment to do this kind of stuff it slips my mind.
These are my rambling thoughts on this lovely Tuesday morning. Maybe I'll go dig that box out of the shed. I still have a few days right?!

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