Monday, February 01, 2010

Welcome to February!
Let's recap January shall we?
I re read my goals just before I started this post. I pretty much failed in the first month.
Lets see, number one was to be more creative.
I feel that I have been and I've learned new things too.
I was supposed to make 5-10 christmas and all occasion cards. I made 3 cards total. Yep and those were on Saturday the 30th.
Number two was be more active.
I did so-so. I rode my bike once for 6 miles and I did do a downtown photo walk around, which I would like to do again.
Also on my list was for me to "make a want to do" list. Yeah I still need to do that. I also feel it will inspire me to do it.
The photo above was taken during my downtwon photo walk. There is this band shell right next to the catholic church, it's very interesting. I especially like all the colorful metal flowers. It is very unique.
Before I begin random blabbering I'll stop here.
I have nothing planned for tonight, I guess I should work on my to do list.

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Anonymous said...

Goals, I failed miserably, saying that I have to admit working 60 hours a week really eliminates alot of things. So I reconfigured and said "oh well" I simply cannot do everything.
Glad you did the walk downtown, now- here's something you might want to try.....are you ready? The Gem Show, there are people from around the globe, and what a beautiful thing to do for that contest you were going to enter...just think about it!!!!