Monday, March 01, 2010

Oh my goodness, we all have had one sickness or another for the last couple of weeks. This makes for some long days and even longer nights. Chelsea's bug is still lingering, with a cough, but she seems to be on the mend.
It's been so long I don't know where to start.
I'll start with the top photo.
On Thursday, two weeks ago, All of this showed up in my mail. While I was thrilled to get all this at once I wasn't feeling the greatest so my enthusiasm level was a bit off. I have never had so many packages for me at one time, hence the photo.
The next morning I was exhausted from not sleeping and still feeling sick but that was the day that my new camera lens and my new cell phone were to arrive. So wouldn't you know that every time I would finally fall asleep, either Mr. Fed Ex or Mr. UPS showed up. I know I sound ungrateful but take that as a hint on how awful I felt. I was sprawled across the couch with my boxes sitting next to me. I'm one of those people that if I'm not feeling well I just want to sleep because I know that when I wake up I will feel better. Not being able to sleep just seemed to make me feel worse.
Later that evening, after a nap, I broke open my boxes and played with my new toys.
It was all a bit overwhelming. I had purchased new scrapbooking tools and books, cricut cartridges, gypsy, accessories for gypsy, new camera lens and filters, upgraded my cell phone, new monopod, cuttlebug folders. It was quite a haul.
Now everything has been ooh'ed and aahhh'ed over, looked over and checked out.
I'm learning how to use both my new lens and my Gypsy. Both have a slight learning curve. But I'm definitly loving them both.
I spent most of yesterday cleaning out my scraproom so that I can actually scrap there.
Oh yeah photo #2! Rob has been wanting a laptop for over a year and I was ready to cave and let him get one. When I came up with the brilliant solution....are you ready for it????
Call your mom and see if she would like to sell her laptop!
It is a year old, she used it maybe 10 times and it has been sitting in the family room plugged in ever since. There has been nothing added to it. This was a case of she wanted it but didn't want to take the time and learn to use it.
So Rob is enjoying the new laptop. But his mom wouldn't take any money for it, he just has to fix a skylight for her. Simple.
So some nights when the kiddos are in bed you'll find Rob on one end of the couch with the laptop and me on the other end of the couch with my Gypsy designing. Modern Family indeed.

Last photo was taken with my new lens and practicing using it in low light.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back...missed you.

Toys, something we think of in conjunction with kids, but ohhh, us adults have some dooseys. Have fun, glad Rob got a laptop, and your right about his mom, she wanted to fit in, but you have to want to learn, and that she didn't have the patience for. Me? I couldn't imagine my life without my laptop, computer and whatnots.
Have a great week.