Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So another month has come to an end and I'm not even going to tell you about how I did on my monthly goals.
Obviously that last sentence said it all. Now, I have gotten better but not up to my new years goals.

This photo was taken at my nephew Donovans 5th birthday party. We all had a nice time at my brothers house for a family party.

So I just need to drain my brain for a minute so bear with me.
March is not a great month for me. It most ways it is an absolute downer.
March is the month that besides being my Dad's birthday it was also the month he asked my mom for a divorce. Yes, I remember.
This is also the month for two of my best friends birthdays. Two of my best friends that are both now deceased.
Growing up Natalie was always there, our mom's were best friends from high school. We are six months apart in age with Nat being the elder. In the 6th grade my family moved just around the corner from her house and we spent countless hours together. We graduated high school together.
35 years ago today she was born.
15 years ago this year she was taken away.
I still think about her often and miss her.
She was a very creative spark and rarely had a bad word to say about anyone.

Kim was my other birthday girl. My first friend I made here in Tucson. The two of us went through a lot of crap together. She was there when I got the call about Natalie. I was there for all the good and bad for Kim too. It will be three years in May since Kim passed. So much has changed and yet so much is still the same.

So both of these women have been on my mind alot this week because both of their birthdays were this week.
I'm not really looking forward to this April much either, not because of any thing bad. Actually our anniversary is in April, it's because the month is so darn busy. I'm looking forward to May. Nothing has been planned for May so far. I think I will arrange for a camping trip but dang it I want to relax.

Okay back to semi normal broadcasting.
At the kids' school is this beautiful hawk. I really thought this photo was going to be blurry but it came out great.
One morning on the way to school I could see from quite the distance that the hawk was perched in this tree. We pull into the parking lot and I'm grabbing my camera. I realize that from hustling I'm shaking and I can't steady the camera. I run back and grab my tripod. Just as I start to focus on the hawk again he flies away. This is when I realize there were 2 hawks in the tree and the second hawk which is a female, and much larger, was lower and back to the left and that was the hawk I saw from the road! I never even got a chance to snap her picture because a few seconds after the male flew off she followed. I haven't seen either one since. I know I will, I look every morning and I have my gear ready to go. I'm being very patient. Not easy for me. :)
I will also report that I have gone slightly around the bend.
Yeah I know, this is old news.
I was provided with a link from someone at to see these barn owls Molly and McGee. Molly had 5 eggs and I have watched sporadically as each one has hatched. As of today there is one egg left to hatch and we are waiting for it. Rob doesn't get it but Kelly, Chelsea and I have learned alot. I tend to leave the sound on but I will do other stuff around the house or the computer. This is a Ustream video with a chat line and you learn all about this set of birds and owls in general. The next few weeks as the babies get bigger this will get more interesting. If you want to check it out Molly and the owlbox .
I will say I'm not the only one fascinated by these owls. There have been over 5 million unique viewers that have checked this site out and schools have done interactive video chats with the gentelmen Carlos whom this is happening in his back yard. There is also an e-book being written and talks are in the works with one of the national networks to do a story.
So I'm not the only looney one.
This weekend is gonna be crazy, cooking for Alpha tomorrow (50+ people), Rob is off Friday so we are doing easter eggs and then getting ready for the egg hunt on Saturday and the Grandma's are coming here for Easter dinner.
Yeah I'll be in the looney bin and hopped up on sugar by Sunday night.
Happy Easter weekend!

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Anonymous said...

loqOk, maybe you have forgotten all that is planned for April....
I'm glad we took this picture, it is not often that I get one with my kids. And it was a good day, always glad to see Amanda's family, and there will be another time on the Sunday (day before) Memorial Day, looking forward to it.
Not too long ago I came across a picture of all you girls in our back yard in Michigan, its not a great picture, but its one of the few that has Nat in it. I guess when I think about Nat, I classify her as an "old Soul" she just always seemed much more mature for her age. While I know she and Kris fought, it wasn't with alot of physical, just verbal and then not even alot of that.
I had always thought you girls would grow up together and, well always be together. Life does not always play fair, I remember after my brother died that my mom said a parent is prepared to die first, and no parent should have to outlive their child...that is true for every parent that has had to walk this path.
As for the divorce, hey what can I say. Many good things have come from that, and the list is long and mighty, and because of that I will say that it happened for the best.
Easter egg hunt was nice, I enjoyed working with James and Tammy, its good having them back.
Easter Sunday, wasn't that tough, except maybe trying to keep a handle on Chelsea during church. I think that was the most difficult thing the whole day...but Watching Pete's Dragon was the best....what a way to finish off our day together.
April, a gorgous month, Spring, a time of lets get started