Monday, March 22, 2010

A week ago Sunday the whole clan which includes Mikey's family all trekked up to the Phoenix zoo.
The sky was a beautiful blue with a gentle breeze and absolutely perfect temps.
Our family loves going to zoos. I love trying to take the perfect picture of some of my favorite animals.
Hey, I don't know when I'll be able to go on a safari so I make do with what I have available.
The last two times we have been there I have made it my mission to get a good photo of the sumatran tiger. He is fabulous.
We arrived at about 9:30 and I immediately want to head in the direction of the big cats. Get them early and fresh.
Or so I thought.
The following pictures will show the state of things at the zoo that morning.........
The tiger is relaxing......
behind his exhibit is the lions
the lioness is napping....
The lion....
Spreadeagle on his back napping!!!!!
So I just go with the flow and make plans to visit the big cats again before I leave.
I return 5 hours later. I'm not kidding you the lion was in the exact same position! While it was a cool pose it did not fulfill my perfect photo dreams. hehehe.
That morning was more of the same. The mandrill splayed out. There was another one who was really sprawled out. The African dogs sleeping, the cheetahs, you guessed it were also relaxing.
Maybe that's what we should have done, was stay home and relax in the sun.
I wouldn't have traded that trip for anything.
It's going to make an interesting scrapbook page!

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Anonymous said...

In these busy times of our lives it was truly great to have my family all around me, to enjoy a beautiful early spring day and again be with my loved ones. I so enjoy these times, you never know what the future will bring, so having to postpone this time several times due to work, or sickness I was anxious to enjoy. I smiled alot, and just had fun.
I had one problem, my grandson Wyatt shows NO fear, he will just up and disappear, scares me when he does this, so before the end of the day I had to show a little tough love, but that was exactly what it was...I love that boy dearly and I want him safe.
And yaahooo, all the kids enjoyed the stingray pool with me...for those of you who have never tried it, it is flipping fantastic, you can feed the stingrays or just I play and rub on them. I also had to direct the stingrays to the side so that the kids could get a chance to touch also. Last year Kelly wouldn't even attempt to touch, this year she got into the fun of things and enjoyed it as much as i did.
Clayton and Donovan were new to this, but really enjoyed after they saw me playing.
So. needless to say, I'm looking forward to the next adventure to the zoo.