Friday, March 19, 2010

Well we did it! Rob and I made our first piece of furniture together. We had to tweak some of my plans but everything went very well.
Of course we both learned a few things along the way. I think I learned the fun stuff and Rob learned more of the planning and execution.
I learned how to use a circular saw (little scary), nail gun (fun), and the drill (easy peasy). I have gotten proficient at counter sinking screws but need to work on my wood filling technique.
The hardest part of the whole project was painting.
I think I had almost as much paint on myself as I did the cabinet. Thankfully it comes off fairly easy.
Rob has begun stalking the Knock off Wood blog. Rob would love to make the farmhouse bed and I would love to make a table for the back yard. Something we could all sit around.

I have a few other plans that I have found on her blog that I  would like to make like a bookcase/toy box and I would like to make myself a dresser similar to one that Kelly has but bigger. It's nothing fancy at all but very practical.
Rob has been going through the knock off blog looking for plans of all the projects he would like to make.
So far, we have a bed, table, dresser, scrapbook island (his idea), and bookcase, that I know of so far.

Rob is saving all his plans in favorites for that "someday". 
  Here is our lovely center primered in bright pink. I had to reassure both our mothers that it wasn't going to stay this color. We are quirky people but not that quirky. No, no it was painted Mark Twain House Brown. After a couple of coats of paint I think it needs to be roughed up a bit but the old man likes it.  

Here is my hero, installing the million miles of cables to hook up so that we can use all our modern technologies.

My camera lens couldn't get wide enough so
I had to shoot at a funky angle.
I still have to find baskets for the bottom cubbies, but right now the cedar chest that the tv used to sit on is sitting right in front until I
 can move it out to our already crowded shed.


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