Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pima County Fair

What a week it has been! After a crazy Monday morning we decided to take the kids to the fair for the first time.
Now knowing my children I thought I had done my best to prepare them for everything and told them to don't start asking for everything.
Boy, it failed.
Mom, can we have this?
Mom, can we play this game?
Mom, I wanna ride this ride!
It came to a point very quickly for me and I handed the camera to Rob and said, you take the photos.
This way I could deal with the kids and he could take the shots.
I really wish we could have been there longer. There are/were so many rides but they are all crammed together, so it made the photo compositions tricky.
The kids wore me down real quick and I purchased tickets for them to ride the rides. They did the huge slide, a pirate ship, bumper cars, and a fun house coaster. Of course we just had to have cotton candy and a funnel cake. What's the fun of the fair without the food?
I'm kind of in a hurry so I won't bore you with all the cool photos that Rob got :) Maybe I'll post them some time next week.
I'm in a hurry because I need to get a few things finished up before fly out tomorrow for my training in Chicago! I'm going to be a Cricut demonstrator!
I had my 2nd interview monday and immediately filled out my paperwork, Tuesday was Wyatt's class field trip to the zoo, then my drug test and then shopping for clothes and shoes.
Wednesday was more shopping and starting the kids laundry which I HAVE to finish up before tomorrow morning because Rob hates to do the kids' laundry

I have almost completely finished packing and I'm planning on bringing the laptop and camera. I've read that the weather will be thunderstorms Friday and Saturday with the temps in the 60's.
Since we are staying in the hotel I'm not worried about what to wear and I'm bringing a sweater just in case.
I'm not even sure I want to bring the laptop because cheapo me doesn't want to pay $15 a day for internet usage.
Plus the break would be nice.
I flyout at 10:30am Friday and I will return 10:00pm Monday. I received my itinerary this morning and we are working our butts off!
I'm told it's lots of fun though.
So have a safe weekend. Stay out of trouble. I'll "see" you on Tuesday.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Okay, so my yard sale is semi over. I'm going to continue it tomorrow morning from 6-7:30am before I go to PHX!
Yes, I know I'm insane but I would like a couple of the bigger items to sell, not only for the money but also to get them out of my house.
For our trip I have driving directions for all our stops, lists for items I'm on the hunt for and coupons for Hobby Lobby and getting into the convention.
I think I will fill the truck tank up tonight and get any snacks that we might desire.
Oh, I better bring the camera! Girl fun!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I love to learn.
One of the few things I need to practice on is taking photos in the evening light.
As an artist I must learn to find my own style and not rely on others for inspiration composition ideas.
Make sense?
I need to step out of my comfort zone, into the realm of the unknown and find the one thing that sets me apart.
Okay so a part of that last sentence came from a song but it fits what I'm trying to convey.
I've noticed lately that I like to look down of objects and see what patterns I can find.
This second photo reminds me of light and dark. a flower on one side and dirt on the other.
Now most people won't see that and that's okay it's just one of the things I saw when I took this picture.

Our county fair starts up this weekend. I was going to enter a photo into the fair but the theme was the Tucson mountains and I really don't have a picture worthy so I passed.
We actually haven't attended the fair in about 10 years?? Way before we had kids. Now that I have had a taste of the night photography at the carnival I'm beginning to get the creative itch to go play one night.
Of course I don't plan on taking the kids if we do go, at least not until they are a bit older, it is really just too expensive.
Heck I'm complaing about the cost just to get in! let alone I have no plans on riding any rides!
The thought of new subjects to try out and an even cooler ferris wheel tempts me.
This last Sunday the family took a Sunday drive. I wanted to scope out a area someone had suggested and I also saw some flowers on the side of the road that I wanted to try and get.
I'm not completely happy with them but it was a learning experience.
One of my favorite weeds are these prickly stems with the white or pink flowers. That such a pretty flower sits atop such a prickly stem amuses me.
I was aiming for the silhouette of the flowers but there was this darn electrical pole in the way. It also doesn't help that in order to get this picture I'm facing traffic and the breeze from the cars in playing havoc.
It's a learning experience right? and it was fun.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy 13th Wedding Anniversary

You know in the grand scheme of things 13 years isn't that long. Being married to Rob sure hasn't felt like 13 years. In some ways recently it seems like we are newlyweds all over again. Spending time  talking, cuddling, working together, listening to each other.
It amazes me how much we now think alike.
We do our best to balance each other out.
I sometimes wonder if you really understand how much you mean to me. No greeting card could ever sum up into words what my life with you is like.
Like I tell people, you are the life of my party, you make things fun.
(Rob just looked at what I was doing, when I answered blogging about our anniversary, he said,"your using that picture!")
We don't have many pictures of us together, which I guess we need to work on.
I would like our kids to one day look through the photo albums and see us doing things together.  A photo album filled with family pictures and pictures just us as a couple.
I wonder what amazing things are in store for us in the next 13 years?
 Let's see the kids will be 20,18, 14. Oh my goodness, hopefully two in college, one in high school... 
Okay I've decided not to even go there, I'm just going to enjoy the ride. It all happens so fast anyway.
My only prayer would be that all of us are healthy and happy.
Here is a note that Rob sent me on facebook:
I just want you to know that I love you so much. You are so beautiful and talented and I would not want to know where I'd be without you. Sorry I forgot to say Happy Anniversary this morning. I think it would be funny to go tonight and get cards for each other together. Just wanted to drop you a note to say how important you are to me. LOVE ROB

Ps. I checked this afternoon and 8000!!! people have looked at my thread!
Today I went by the dollar store to pick up a couple more vases and supplies to start working on a new a new design.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Let's just say that Friday nights night photography was a resounding success!
Just before I blogged I went through the photos again to pick out some of my favorites. I counted 23. Granted we took 224 shots but 23 keepers? I call that good.
Rob and I had a blast. A few times we were clapping and cheering over the shots and some of the people around us would smile.
Only a couple of people came up to us and asked questions. We were more than happy to show them what we were doing. Once the people saw the pictures they thought it was soo cool.
Rob and I spent over two hours playing with the lights.
We didn't ride or eat anything while we were there. We went home tired but exhilirated and couldn't wait to see the photos on the big screen. We ooh and ahhed over lots and deleted ones that didn't make the cut.
I said I went mainly for the ferris wheel but was so pleasantly surprised with how everything turned out. I think our favorite was a ride called the spin out. This is the one that made the big balls of light. The ride itself looked really cool as this machine lifted up, flipped you over and spun you around.

When we first arrived it wasn't busy but it gave us a chance to get a feel and set up, I saw the little food vendors and a wave of nostalgia came over me. I wanted a cool picture of the cotton candy sign and we took it through the carousel.
I loved how it turned out. I'm still thrilled.
Rob and I are talking about seeing where this carnival will go next because in each location they set up differently. Maybe next time we can get some different compositions. Also maybe next time we can bring the kids. It seems that the first night is a dollar a ride. We can do that. Especially if we can get the kids on say the dragon train and show them in the light drag.
How cool would that be??!!
See this photo with the lights arching up. Doesn't it remind you of a dirty, dusty Vegas? There is something about this shot that I can't explain but it calls to me.
**Disclaimer*** None of these have been edited in any way except to maybe rotate them.

Ahh the good ol classic zipper. That was cool to shoot.

I'm not going to make noises about each one.
Frankly I'm tired and about to go to bed and you can enjoy them for yourself
Now if you want to leave a comment or ask a question I would be happy to answer.

I really like night photography.
Maybe I'll pick up a book or do a google search to find out more.
Enjoy the night lights!

PS- this is the blur of the dragon train, but the next photo would be even cooler if I could see my kids riding in it!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Spring flowers

Cricut chirp update~ I've told my family and friends and they are very happy for me. As of this afternoon 6400 people have looked at that message board post! Just amazing.
I have a couple of ideas rattling around my brain on spin offs of the bouquet vase that I'm hoping to try out soon. I'm also working on my mothers day gifts. heehee.
This morning Rob forgot his hat that he uses when he landscapes so he called me asking to bring the hat up along with my camera. Oh goody flower pictures.
Now being that it is already 9 am and the sun in Tucson is WAAAAY to bright, I had to be creative in trying to even get a decent shot.
*Note to self* bring knee pads, some type of shade to help minimize blow outs and water for yourself! Also don't be so chicken and use your tripod!!!

Now as usual none of these has been tampered with in Photoshop. I'm thinking of tweaking a couple and if I like the results I may just hang them up on the wall.
Well that at least is the plan.

On Wednesday I was driving down the road not far from our house when I saw this bunch of pink salvia looking plants. I thought to myself those would look good in the evening sun, and maybe Rob and I could bike ride down there to do it.

Only there was one detail I forgot. It was Men's night out. The bigger kids were with Grandma at her church and it was gonna be just Ms. C and me.
Dare I ride my bike towing Chelsea all the way down there to photograph some weeds?
But I can just imagine how pretty the pictures would look.
After much dithering I decided to go for it. I rode down the 4 or so miles to get there and once I got off the bike my legs were shaking and I had a heck of a hard time keeping the camera still.
Chelsea began fussing very quickly so I packed it in and began my journey home. Yep I rode almost 8 miles, towing over 30+ lbs behind me and even two days later I feel it.
I'm tired of making excuses to myself for not doing something that I love and sorely regretting loosing the opportunity I had later.
I'm working on changing that.
Tonight there is a small, city touring canival that has set up not too far from our house. Our plan is to go there and practice some low light photography and try and get a good picture of the ferris wheel. I'm also thinking of trying to photograph the merry go round and other attractions. The ferris wheel has been a picture in my mind that i have wanted to take for a year now and I going to do it.
I'm super excited.

Tomorrow Rob and I will be attending the Alpha retreat down in Sierra Vista and my friend Annette and I are gonna play with our cameras duirng some free time in the afternoon. Annette just purchased the Canon 7D that I have been lusting after plus some lenses that I recommended and I'm helping her out and teaching her about DSLR's and lenses and all that technical stuff..teehee.

My rugrats are enjoying a parent free weekend with both of their Grandma's and believe me they will be having their own fun I'm sure. I'll get to hug and kiss them on Sunday. Then within one hour I'm sure I'll hear that they want to go back to one Grandma or another. Cie la vie!

Easter recap

Ahhh my heathens. They clean up pretty well don't they?
My mother in law found Kelly's dress at Walmart and I had seen it in smaller sizes and thought it would be cute if Chelsea had a matching dress. So I asked Kelly if that would be okay with her. Once I had the go ahead I went up to Walmart and grabbed one for Chels. I began looking for a chambray or striped polo for Wyatt so that he would match. I had to settle for this robin egg blue color. When it came to the kids that was as much matching as I planned on doing. Easter morning Rob and I are getting dressed and he lays out a blue striped polo. Well I couldn't wear what I was planning on if they were all going to be in blue. Rob teased and said if I want to fit in this family I better find a blue shirt.
Do I even own a blue shirt??? I know I have turquoise but good ol' blue?
After some digging I found the one blue shirt I owned and thankfully it looked decent on me threw it on and ran out the door for church.

Now chasing this munchkin and trying to get a good or even passable photo of the girls in their dresses proved to be a bit too much this time around and so without going all nazi on them I let it go. Not worth getting upset about.
How gorgeous are these two girls of mine?!
Thankfully we did get a good family photo but otherwise my kids were kids for the day.
Each kids easter basket contained a minimum amount of candy, Kelly received a CD of disney songs, Wyatt received a collection of Scooby Doo tv shows and Chelsea received the Disney movie Pete's Dragon, which I would make them watch after church.
We had a second Easter basket that my mom, aka the easter bunny, filled with tons of candy and two dvds for the kids.
We received the Princess and the frog and also Chipmunks

the Squeakquel. Isn't my mom, I mean the easter bunny great?
The day was beautiful, the company was lovely and the food as always was gooood.
Easter is at the perfect time of year, not only is it the day of the resurrection of our Lord but also the rebirth that is spring. A promise of a time and beauty yet to come.
He is Risen!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

WOW!!!! I just had the most amazing shock.
I'm killing time on the computer while I'm backing up some photos to cd. I head over to the cricut messageboard.

Cruise around and then I click on cricut crafting. These fantastic people are the ones who inspired me with the birthday bouquet I made for my dad's birthday.
I see that the post I created a couple of weeks ago is back on top. hmmm... I also see that there is now two pages.....
I click on page two read a bit and then back track to page one and see that.....OMG!!!
The cricut chirp newsletter had a link to my thread and it is a message board highlight!! Over 3,000 people have looked at my bouquet and I have no clue how many have visited this blog! Holy Moly!  Here is the link  Chirp newsletter .
I'll be honest, just to be mentioned in the newsletter caused me to cry. I just felt so overwhelmed and humbled. Thank you!
Of course I first called my hubby and he is over the moon thrilled for me and I've been trying to reach my mom to tell her the great news. I also posted it on Facebook, most of my friends will get it and those that don't maybe it will inspire them.

Today I also received in the mail, my very first copy of my blog in book form! I went with blog2print and they have done a wonderful job. I'm slowly printing my blog out year by year and I use that for when I scrapbook and need some journaling. I had printed out 2006 and to see the changes in the kids is amazing! My blog is sort of like a diary and this book is something I can pass down to my kids one day.

All this great stuff is helping me forget my sinus headache that I've had for the last two days!
Easter recap coming tomorrow!