Friday, April 09, 2010

Easter recap

Ahhh my heathens. They clean up pretty well don't they?
My mother in law found Kelly's dress at Walmart and I had seen it in smaller sizes and thought it would be cute if Chelsea had a matching dress. So I asked Kelly if that would be okay with her. Once I had the go ahead I went up to Walmart and grabbed one for Chels. I began looking for a chambray or striped polo for Wyatt so that he would match. I had to settle for this robin egg blue color. When it came to the kids that was as much matching as I planned on doing. Easter morning Rob and I are getting dressed and he lays out a blue striped polo. Well I couldn't wear what I was planning on if they were all going to be in blue. Rob teased and said if I want to fit in this family I better find a blue shirt.
Do I even own a blue shirt??? I know I have turquoise but good ol' blue?
After some digging I found the one blue shirt I owned and thankfully it looked decent on me threw it on and ran out the door for church.

Now chasing this munchkin and trying to get a good or even passable photo of the girls in their dresses proved to be a bit too much this time around and so without going all nazi on them I let it go. Not worth getting upset about.
How gorgeous are these two girls of mine?!
Thankfully we did get a good family photo but otherwise my kids were kids for the day.
Each kids easter basket contained a minimum amount of candy, Kelly received a CD of disney songs, Wyatt received a collection of Scooby Doo tv shows and Chelsea received the Disney movie Pete's Dragon, which I would make them watch after church.
We had a second Easter basket that my mom, aka the easter bunny, filled with tons of candy and two dvds for the kids.
We received the Princess and the frog and also Chipmunks

the Squeakquel. Isn't my mom, I mean the easter bunny great?
The day was beautiful, the company was lovely and the food as always was gooood.
Easter is at the perfect time of year, not only is it the day of the resurrection of our Lord but also the rebirth that is spring. A promise of a time and beauty yet to come.
He is Risen!

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Anonymous said...

The kids look great and thank you for letting them be them, not always easy when you have this idea in your head, the way you want things to be...but you are finally learning that they have minds of their owns.
Easter was great, a day spent with family and Pete's Dragon still rocks!!!
Love to all