Sunday, April 11, 2010

Let's just say that Friday nights night photography was a resounding success!
Just before I blogged I went through the photos again to pick out some of my favorites. I counted 23. Granted we took 224 shots but 23 keepers? I call that good.
Rob and I had a blast. A few times we were clapping and cheering over the shots and some of the people around us would smile.
Only a couple of people came up to us and asked questions. We were more than happy to show them what we were doing. Once the people saw the pictures they thought it was soo cool.
Rob and I spent over two hours playing with the lights.
We didn't ride or eat anything while we were there. We went home tired but exhilirated and couldn't wait to see the photos on the big screen. We ooh and ahhed over lots and deleted ones that didn't make the cut.
I said I went mainly for the ferris wheel but was so pleasantly surprised with how everything turned out. I think our favorite was a ride called the spin out. This is the one that made the big balls of light. The ride itself looked really cool as this machine lifted up, flipped you over and spun you around.

When we first arrived it wasn't busy but it gave us a chance to get a feel and set up, I saw the little food vendors and a wave of nostalgia came over me. I wanted a cool picture of the cotton candy sign and we took it through the carousel.
I loved how it turned out. I'm still thrilled.
Rob and I are talking about seeing where this carnival will go next because in each location they set up differently. Maybe next time we can get some different compositions. Also maybe next time we can bring the kids. It seems that the first night is a dollar a ride. We can do that. Especially if we can get the kids on say the dragon train and show them in the light drag.
How cool would that be??!!
See this photo with the lights arching up. Doesn't it remind you of a dirty, dusty Vegas? There is something about this shot that I can't explain but it calls to me.
**Disclaimer*** None of these have been edited in any way except to maybe rotate them.

Ahh the good ol classic zipper. That was cool to shoot.

I'm not going to make noises about each one.
Frankly I'm tired and about to go to bed and you can enjoy them for yourself
Now if you want to leave a comment or ask a question I would be happy to answer.

I really like night photography.
Maybe I'll pick up a book or do a google search to find out more.
Enjoy the night lights!

PS- this is the blur of the dragon train, but the next photo would be even cooler if I could see my kids riding in it!

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