Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pima County Fair

What a week it has been! After a crazy Monday morning we decided to take the kids to the fair for the first time.
Now knowing my children I thought I had done my best to prepare them for everything and told them to don't start asking for everything.
Boy, it failed.
Mom, can we have this?
Mom, can we play this game?
Mom, I wanna ride this ride!
It came to a point very quickly for me and I handed the camera to Rob and said, you take the photos.
This way I could deal with the kids and he could take the shots.
I really wish we could have been there longer. There are/were so many rides but they are all crammed together, so it made the photo compositions tricky.
The kids wore me down real quick and I purchased tickets for them to ride the rides. They did the huge slide, a pirate ship, bumper cars, and a fun house coaster. Of course we just had to have cotton candy and a funnel cake. What's the fun of the fair without the food?
I'm kind of in a hurry so I won't bore you with all the cool photos that Rob got :) Maybe I'll post them some time next week.
I'm in a hurry because I need to get a few things finished up before fly out tomorrow for my training in Chicago! I'm going to be a Cricut demonstrator!
I had my 2nd interview monday and immediately filled out my paperwork, Tuesday was Wyatt's class field trip to the zoo, then my drug test and then shopping for clothes and shoes.
Wednesday was more shopping and starting the kids laundry which I HAVE to finish up before tomorrow morning because Rob hates to do the kids' laundry

I have almost completely finished packing and I'm planning on bringing the laptop and camera. I've read that the weather will be thunderstorms Friday and Saturday with the temps in the 60's.
Since we are staying in the hotel I'm not worried about what to wear and I'm bringing a sweater just in case.
I'm not even sure I want to bring the laptop because cheapo me doesn't want to pay $15 a day for internet usage.
Plus the break would be nice.
I flyout at 10:30am Friday and I will return 10:00pm Monday. I received my itinerary this morning and we are working our butts off!
I'm told it's lots of fun though.
So have a safe weekend. Stay out of trouble. I'll "see" you on Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, and I'm glad you made it to the fair.
I'm so excited about Chicago and your new work adventure, should be fun..never boring and it's in a field of work you love and understand.
Love ma