Friday, April 09, 2010

Spring flowers

Cricut chirp update~ I've told my family and friends and they are very happy for me. As of this afternoon 6400 people have looked at that message board post! Just amazing.
I have a couple of ideas rattling around my brain on spin offs of the bouquet vase that I'm hoping to try out soon. I'm also working on my mothers day gifts. heehee.
This morning Rob forgot his hat that he uses when he landscapes so he called me asking to bring the hat up along with my camera. Oh goody flower pictures.
Now being that it is already 9 am and the sun in Tucson is WAAAAY to bright, I had to be creative in trying to even get a decent shot.
*Note to self* bring knee pads, some type of shade to help minimize blow outs and water for yourself! Also don't be so chicken and use your tripod!!!

Now as usual none of these has been tampered with in Photoshop. I'm thinking of tweaking a couple and if I like the results I may just hang them up on the wall.
Well that at least is the plan.

On Wednesday I was driving down the road not far from our house when I saw this bunch of pink salvia looking plants. I thought to myself those would look good in the evening sun, and maybe Rob and I could bike ride down there to do it.

Only there was one detail I forgot. It was Men's night out. The bigger kids were with Grandma at her church and it was gonna be just Ms. C and me.
Dare I ride my bike towing Chelsea all the way down there to photograph some weeds?
But I can just imagine how pretty the pictures would look.
After much dithering I decided to go for it. I rode down the 4 or so miles to get there and once I got off the bike my legs were shaking and I had a heck of a hard time keeping the camera still.
Chelsea began fussing very quickly so I packed it in and began my journey home. Yep I rode almost 8 miles, towing over 30+ lbs behind me and even two days later I feel it.
I'm tired of making excuses to myself for not doing something that I love and sorely regretting loosing the opportunity I had later.
I'm working on changing that.
Tonight there is a small, city touring canival that has set up not too far from our house. Our plan is to go there and practice some low light photography and try and get a good picture of the ferris wheel. I'm also thinking of trying to photograph the merry go round and other attractions. The ferris wheel has been a picture in my mind that i have wanted to take for a year now and I going to do it.
I'm super excited.

Tomorrow Rob and I will be attending the Alpha retreat down in Sierra Vista and my friend Annette and I are gonna play with our cameras duirng some free time in the afternoon. Annette just purchased the Canon 7D that I have been lusting after plus some lenses that I recommended and I'm helping her out and teaching her about DSLR's and lenses and all that technical stuff..teehee.

My rugrats are enjoying a parent free weekend with both of their Grandma's and believe me they will be having their own fun I'm sure. I'll get to hug and kiss them on Sunday. Then within one hour I'm sure I'll hear that they want to go back to one Grandma or another. Cie la vie!

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Anonymous said...

Spring is here, with allergies and beautiful flower's. Because we had such great rains...also lots, and lots of weeds....ah well, this to shall pass.
The colors are everywhere, and I love looking at them, don't know the names, but they sure are "purty."
Ah, the kids. I do not believe that they had a great time at "Nina's". Poor Wyatt and me had to have a meeting of the minds, and he still didn't get it. But maybe next time will be better, and the kids keep asking me when I'm moving, I need something nicer is what Kelly tells, and hey she's right!
But, i so enjoy having the kids, just sorry I came down sick Sunday morning, but the good least it wasn't strep!!!!
Off to work, have a great day