Saturday, May 01, 2010

It's show time!

The Cricut Demo Army
200 women gathered together in the Hilton Hotel at O'Hare airport last weekend for some Cricut training,
socializing and good food. All this is courtesy of Provo Craft and their faith in us, the demo army, to sell the products we use and enjoy the most.
I arrived late Friday night, several hours later than scheduled due to mechanical problems with the plane in Tucson. I missed all of the meet and greet Friday night so I went up to my room and relaxed so I would be fresh in the morning,
I am showing only two pictures of Chicago because except for Monday morning it was cloudy and raining the whole weekend. Not that I could really complain because I only went outside once and that was to go to Gino's east Sunday night for some original deep dish Chicago pizza.
Saturday morning was a rally of the troops in the Grand ballroom with a motivational speech from the the VP Ryan.
I don't think he was ready for us.
We cheered, we clapped, we yelled. We raised the bar with our enthusiasum.
Walking into the ballroom there were several tables filled with crafty samples using cricut products.
Our job and the demo army is to go into Costco, Michaels and JoAnns and demonstrate the newest products by Provo Craft.
This month and just in time for Mothers Day is the Cricut Cake!
That's her in red (which matches my mixer and blender) somewhere in this post! I'll do my first demonstration tomorrow afternoon. I'm both excited and nervous.
Back to Chicago and the girls. I spent my weekend meeting lots of new people and the ones I hung out the most with are featured in this photo; First up is Holly and she is from New York, next up is Robin and I can't remember where she is from, then there is me and then last but not least is Becky whom is also from New York. We ate dinner together, and had some training together. Great ladies and I do hope we stay in touch. I also met several other great women and  I don't have a photo but I would be remiss if I didn't mention Patricia and her daughter Jennifer from Wichita.
It was a crazy jammed packed weekend. Which bled over to this past week were I ended up with jet lag, what's up with that?! Combined with laundry and kids, oh wait, combined with normal every day life I really fell behind.
Then my demo kit showed up and I've been playing ever since.
Am I ready for tomorrow? I would like to think so. Most of it will be my excitement for showing people new product and what this new machine can do.

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