Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last day of school 2010

Oh how proud I am of my two hellions. Both kids received perfect attendance for the last quarter and both received High Honor Roll!!
Wyatt's class ceremonies came first. Each student was to wear a crown with his or her initial on it. I pulled out my storybook cartridge and some mega huge jewels and designed this doozy.

I remembered to get photos with the kids and their teachers for their scrapbooks.
This photo is with Wyatt's teacher Ms. Svetlana. I was so worried at the beginning of the year but she turned out to be the perfect fit for Wyatt and he has excelled in her crazy classroom.
During his awards assembly Wyatt got a little choked up. Besides being hot and tired he was sad that school was over.

Here is Wyatt getting one of his awards. Mr.Meehan is our VP and he is just great with all the kids.
Even us moms and dads received awards for all the help we did in the classroom. We even get mentioned in the school yearbook. Yep, we be special.
After the awards assembly we finished cleaning out Wyatt's stuff from his classroom and then sat back and waited for Kelly's to begin.

This year Kelly has really excelled in most areas but we have noticed how she wants to keep everything easy and not work on reading harder books or math. Next year is going to be very interesting for this young lady. She has so much potential but doesn't want to work for it.
Kelly's teacher Ms. Murray has really worked with the kids so that they have a better head start for next year. The class has already begun with multiplication and fractions. They have also begun working on writing descriptive stories.
This was Kelly's first year with a different teacher and she did beautifully. By the end of the year Kelly could stand up in front of her class and give a report or do a type of show and tell. Her teacher wrote in her final report card how much she has grown over the year and that even when there was a new skill to learn and she stumbled with it, that Kelly kept plugging away until she understood. That's my kiddo.
Now that summer is underway we wait and see whom we will have for teachers next year. Some of the teachers are leaving and some are swapping grade levels so it's going to be a fresh and exciting.

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Anonymous said...

this difference in both munchkins has been nothing short of phenominal. I like he changes, and like seeing the kids get more comfortable and confident.