Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last night was the Girl Scout awards assembly for Kelly's troop.
The senior brownies performed a little skit and then all the younger brownies were invested with a new pin.
Kelly was very nervous about being in front of everyone but she did wonderfully.
On our way home last night she told us how proud of herself she was. Oh how that warmed my heart.

Here she is getting pinned by her troop leader, dragonfly.
Kelly was spun around and they said this rhyme and then she had to look into this mirror and what did she see...ME!! (well herself actually) Then she walked over to Ms. Lynn and received her new pin and made a new promise.
After all younger brownies were pinned then the patches, certificates and cookie prizes were handed out. Kelly sold way over 300 boxes and probably did sell over 400 but she did it after they had sent all the info into headquarters. There is always next year!
I grabbed a couple of pictures with my heathens!
I have my current girl scout, my future girl scout and boy scout.
We will be looking into Wyatt joining boy scouts this fall. He is so pumped up and ready he is driving us crazy. My mother in law is trying to get Rob to sign up and be his den leader. hmmm....would be kind of cool.
Now I am all caught up with what's been going on around here!
Tonight I'm super excited because tonight's the night Rob and I are going to see STAR WARS in concert!! It's a symphonic laser light show that I'm hoping to get some cool picture to show. EEEEEE, super excited.

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