Friday, May 07, 2010

Lots of projects

Saturday Rob started a new project that he has been wanting to do for over a month.
After reading the plans from Knock off Wood he wanted to make us a farmhouse headboard and foot board. One of the main reasons is because our top mattress keeps sliding off the bed. We even went so far as putting no slip rug liner in between and that didn't help. I have been wanting a pretty headboard for the past 7 years since we bought our select comfort bed. Now I just need to get the rest of the room cleaned back up to showcase our beautiful bed. Granted it still needs to be stained but just bare wood looks good.

Oh and so far this has taken Rob maybe two days to get this far.
Everything was cut on Saturday and all the assembly was done of Monday night. Now either tonight or Sunday Rob will pre-condition the wood for staining and staining will commence sometime next week.
After all the projects we have been working on this week we both agree and dream about having our own workshops. One for his tools and wood crafting and a room for all my crafting stuff.

I decided to make some more projects to display when I demo on Sunday.
Oh, I forgot to blog about last Sunday! I had a great experience and enjoyed myself immensely. Granted I didn't sell any cake machines I really worked on getting comfy with my customers and getting used to working upside down.
The staff at my Michael's was fantastic and made me feel so welcome. I am hoping this weekend will be just as great.
The manager I was working with took plenty of photos which I hope to get copies soon and one was a great shot of me with the cake machine.
Since so many people were asking about the Cricut Expression I decided to make some cards to highlight some of my favorite carts and images. The first card was made from the Elegant cake cartridge. I used glitter paper for the first time and I also used the multi-cut key to cut through the glitter paper.
In honor of mother's day I made this cute little banner. I used storybook for everything but the pennant, that came from the mother's day cartridge.
I finally got to use Create a Critter and I just loooove these cute animals. Inside the deer card is the so dear word cut and I used a white pen to give the dear part some spots.
I thought the lion card would work well for a baby card.
My plan for today and Saturday is to pull out my cake machine and make at least 3-5 different types of cake decorations to demonstrate on Sunday. I want to sell a couple of cake machines!

I did have two minor disasters in my creative fun this week. First off Chelsea loves my scrappin stuff and when I was working with my Cricut she got a hold of my paper trimmer. Next thing I hear is a "snap" and a piece of plastic hitting my ankle. Chelsea snapped off the swing out ruler.
Dang it I just finally realized how to use it too!
The next day trying to ease up on my controlling behavior I let her play with my locking container that holds all my rhinestones.
Yup, she dropped them on the side where the lock is and they all spilled over the floor. Thankfully she helped me pick them back up but boy was that a pain.

Last evening Rob and I were talking and we both have come to the same conclusion that no matter how much we don't want to give up our "space" (craft room/ drums)we are being selfish about not giving Chelsea her own room. Soooo, I'm going to start packing up my scrappy stuff and only keep the essentials. Not sure where I will store this stuff but I'll make room. Rob is also going to pack up his drums.
I keep praying for a miracle cash flow so that we can buy a bigger house but it really isn't realistic. I need to make due with what I have, and one day I can have a room again. 
Sorry didn't mean to end on a sad note.

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Anonymous said...

WoW, you two have been busy, and I love the bed frame. Since you already know that I have talked to Rob about helping me make one, and only the headboard, that shouldn't take too long to do. I also wanted painted white with distressing.
Now onto the did a top job and of course I love the animals, they are just so darn cute!
I'm sorry that you have to pack up your things, though to be truthful, you do most of your work at the kitchen table, but still, I do understand.
It's hard not getting what you keep praying for, we talked about this the other night, I really don't understand soemtimes, but it's in God's plans not mine. I can only move forward and hope that all goes well. It would be nice if I could find a house not real far from yours and then we couldscrape our brains out. LOL