Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So it's that time of year again. The last day of school is tomorrow and what better way to combine work with kids' school activities than to make decorations! I took the poster and the congrats banner that I used at my demo at Michael's on Sunday, into Wyatt's class this morning because his class is having a graduation party. Tomorrow the kids will be having an awards ceremony and Wyatt will be wearing a crown that I made from the Storybook cartridge. Now to clarify, his whole class is to wear crowns on Thursday, I'm not doing it to be "special". :)

Last night for the first time both of my oldest kids went rollerskating! The school was having a fundraiser at the local skating rink, Skate Country. Kelly's scout troop banquet was postponed AND Wyatt had been begging us to go so we went.
Oh, we had so much fun. I'll post the pictures later. Once I got on the rink I felt like I was a kid again, so much fun.

Summer vacation is upon us and I have high hopes that we will have a good time. I have some craft projects planned out for the kids to do, Chelsea's room to clean out and get ready, movies, the park, just relaxing at home. Maybe build some back yard furniture, plant flowers with the kids.
I've got two birthday parties to get ready for and a BBQ/ low country boil to plan.
PLUS... monsoon season is on it's way!!! Lightning pictures!
Now if only I had air conditioning, monsoon season wouldn't also be the time of year I dread because of the heat and humidity. Yuck!

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Anonymous said...

I really like what you did.

I'm really glad that the kids enjoyed roller skating, as a kid and teen that was where you could find me every Friday & Saturday night....and I was damn good.

Missing those days